I understand the importance of feeling safe and secure and trust one with your worries. I can help build a safe and confidential relationship with which you can express your worries. I am here to support you work through any issues you may be encountering. I will aim at working with you to support you in understanding and accepting self and your circumstances. I can do that through, listening and communicating with you my understanding of whatever you express. This I believe can facilitate your self-awareness and act as an insightful way of adjusting to a better way of being.  

I have specialist interest in difference and diversity in young and old, women and men, and this was the focal point of my research dissertation. For example, immigration uncertainties, discrimination of race, culture, age, religion, class, disability, etc.
There is growing rate in the mental health issues among young people, and many find it difficult to talk about such issues. Often, they experience anxieties and depression. I understand the importance of mental wellbeing for children and young people. I have experience in working with children and younger people of over 3 years. Prior to that, I trained and practiced as a midwife abroad for over 5 years. 

I have also worked with women victims and survivors of domestic violence including rape. I did this for over a year. I also currently offer support to individuals with learning difficulties; however, this is within adult social care capacity and rather not therapeutic. Nonetheless, I can offer therapeutic intervention to individuals with learning difficulties.