International Symposium

International Symposium on Infectious Diseases
in Resource Limited Environments in Africa

A Unique Meeting of Multidisciplinary Academics and Practitioners from Africa, Europe and America



Prof.dr. Charles Boucher (Erasmus MC)

Dr. Jan Nouwen, (Erasmus MC)

Dr. Lottie Hachaambwa (University Teaching Hospital/University of Zambia)

Dr. Robb Sheneberger
 (Country Medical Director, AIDSRelief, Zambia; Univ. of Maryland)

Dr. Godelieve van Heteren
 (Director Rotterdam Global Health Initiative)

Drs/Dr. Janneke van Dijk, (former Director Clinical Research Macha Research Trust)

Dr. David van de Vijver
 (Erasmus MC)

Dr. William Moss
,  (Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, USA)

Sandra Chishimba
 (Erasmus University, Rotterdam / Macha Research Trust, Zambia)

Prof.dr. Jan Hendrik Richardus
 (Erasmus MC, Department of Public Health)

Dr. Mark Shields
, (CDC Zambia)

Prof. Dr. Peter Reiss, (HIV Monitoring Foundation)

Prof.dr. Gerard van Oortmerssen (Univ. of Tilburg)

Ing. Gertjan van Stam
 (SIRDC, Zimbabwe)

Prof. Dr. Henri Verbrugh (Erasmus MC)


Registration for "Africa’s Realities in a Global Perspective", 2 September 2013

African Renaissance
is the concept that African people and nations shall overcome the current challenges confronting the continent and achieve cultural, scientific, and economic renewal.

Therefore, we signal African traits very much worthy of strengthening  and continuation. Including aspects of interpersonal relations as "social inclusion, hospitality, and generous sharing", through attentive and perceptive listening to others. With social acceptance, not based on wealth, but on the basis of relationships to others. We support our global family, avoiding the extremes of dependency and paternalism.