My name is Professor Gill Man but you may remember me from my movie star days as The Creature From The Black Lagoon. After my three films (Creature From The Black Lagoon, Revenge Of The Creature and The Creature Walks Among Us) I went on to direct many underwater sequences in other movies and I also taught underwater combat techniques to the Navy as well as recovery skills to law enforcement. And yes, there was the comic relief when I met Abbot and Costello on film. Once I retired from all of that I got interested in environmental issues, especially concerning the Amazon, it is my home after all, so I went to college, got a degree in Biology and am now a consultant on Amazon studies living and working out of Florida. I will be adding things about myself to this site from time to time so check back periodically. Thank you and, go see one of my movies.

To expand a little on all of this we must go back to the beginning of my movie career. It all got started back in the early 40's when Producer William Alland was at a party at Orson Welles' house when a Mexican cinematographer Gabriel Figueroa told him a story about a "Man Fish" in the AmazonHF. Well, this story turned out to be about me and after many years Mr. Alland mounted an expedition to find me. It took him several months because as you can imagine I did not have the best relations with humans and that added to the fear and remoteness of my Black Lagoon did not make the task easy. But Mr. Alland persevered and finally found a tribe which I was on good terms with due to me saving one of their children from a Crocodile attack. With the help of several interpreters Mr. Alland was able to make me understand what he wanted and convince me to star in his movie so off to Florida we went. That's right, Florida not Hollywood, as I was to be in the underwater sequences and they were filmed in Florida (more on that later)HF.

It's probably a good time to talk about the doubles who made me look so good on screen. And first, the reason for doubles at all. You have to remember that I was still a very wild animal, even during the third movie, and anytime there would be any physical interaction with the actors, especially fight scenes, they did not trust me to not get carried away and hurt someone (and rightfully so). Add to that the fact that the underwater stuff was filmed in Florida with most of the above water stuff being filmed in California to save time so both could be filmed simultaneously they needed a double for me in California. On all three movies the underwater doubling was done by Ricou BrowningHF. To understand how difficult his job was you have to remember he did not have gills, so being underwater was not that natural for him, although you wouldn't know it to look at his work in the movies. I can tell you right now if I did not know he was doubling me I would not be able to tell who was who on screen. The same goes for the guys who did the above water work. Arguably the best is Ben ChapmanHF from the first movie, and just because he was not working underwater did not make his job any easier. He had to make you believe he was the Gill Man and he did a marvelous job. On the second movie the above water work was done by Tom HennesyHF and on the third movie Don McGowanHF played the now fire burned creature, which of course is another reason they could not use me as I was not experienced enough to wear the make up or prosthetices for that version of myself.

A little word on the people who made the replica suits which looked so good, this outstanding work was done by Millicent Patrick, Chris Mueller and Jack KevanHF.

Let's talk a little about the filming that was done in Florida and why I live here now. On all three movies the Amazonian underwater sequences were filmed mostly at Wakulla Springs near the pan handle with additional footage from parts of Silver Springs near Ocala. On the second movie most of the movie was filmed at Marine Land just north of Daytona with additional scenes on the St. Johns River and in Jacksonville. The third movie starts with scenes in Fort Myers and additional footage on the St. Johns RiverHF. So you see, even though I'm from the Amazon, The Creature From The Black Lagoon (The movie star) is really a Florida boy, and when I decided that liked the United States and wanted too make it my home I chose Florida because of my fond memories of my time there and because it was so much like my native Amazon.

I also want to thank the the directors who were so understanding with this wild creature from the Amazon. Especially James C. HavensHF who was in charge of the second unit underwater scenes, and Charles (Scotty) WelbourneHF who filmed the underwater scenes for the first movie. I worked most closely with both men and they even spent extra time teaching me English, both all around great guys. Jack ArnoldHF, who was the over all director of the movie was also very kind but being the first movie was being shot in two places I didn't get to see him much till the second movie.

And of course a big thanks has to go to Universal Studios for making these movies and tireless promotions since. Without them I'd just be another all but forgotten Amazonian swamp creature eking out a tough existence in my Black Lagoon

(When ever you see the "HF" superscript it means if you want the real history on this go to the "Historical Facts" page)


Professor Gill Man

And watch out for those pesky humans!

E-mail: professorgillman54@gmail.com

I also want to send a special thank you to the people at 100 Years Of Monster Movies (now The Monster Channel) for all the great work they did in 2010 to bring rare and entertaining movies to all of us monster/horror movie lovers.


Twas the night before Yule at The Black Lagoon, and everything shown under a big bright full Moon.

All through the trees Spanish Moss was hanging with care, and all of the creatures hoped Creature Claws would soon be there.

The frogs and the snakes were all slithering and singing, waiting to see what Creature Claws would soon be bringing.

All of a sudden he swam through the inlet and jumped up on shore, the creatures of the Black Lagoon didn't have to wait anymore.

He brought fat flies for the frogs and mice for the snakes, and he even brought fishes for the birds so to take.

Then he looked at all of the creatures he so well loved, and wished them warm water and fat juicy grubs.

Then he jumped in the water and made a great splash, and waved goodbye to his friends with a reptilian laugh.

So once a year in Amazon land, Creature Claws comes with a giving hand.

So all of you tadpoles, frogs, snakes, and lizards too, be good all year long and he'll bring nice things to you.


During the segment of the Monster Channel that was hosted by Nigel Honeybone on Sunday January 2, 2011, the question came up as to whether Skeletons have to worry about Zombies, not having any meat on their bones. I decided to send an e-mail to Nigel to ask him (cutting right to the bone you might say). Nigel was gracious enough to respond quickly and rather than paraphrase his reply I will re-post my original question with his response below.

"Hello Nigel! Some of the chat group on the Monster Channel wanted to know if you have a problem with Zombies (not having any flesh you know)?

Professor Gill Man"

"Hello, good evening and welcome, Professor!

I'm glad you asked. Actor Bill Murray once asked me the very same question, and I explained that all you have to do is apply a little stage makeup, move slowly, walk with a limp, and they'll generally leave you alone. I later found out he was researching his role in Zombieland and, as usual, I didn't get any credit whatsoever! Bugger!

It's interesting to note how werewolves tend to be middle-class, or skilled workers, people who have undergone some form of higher education. Vampires are the ones who went to private schools, and Zombies never left school. The Vampires are the upper-class, the Werewolves the middle, and Zombies are the I'm-in-a-shopping-mall-in-the-middle-of-the-day-class. Happy new year, and toodles!


Rather than put words in Nigel's mouth I will let you the viewer decide exactly what Nigel's answer is to this great Philosophical question (personally I think it means Zombies are not interested in Skeletons, but then what do I know?). And thank you very much Nigel for taking the time to answer a poor professor in his quest for knowledge.

Gort Standing Watch Over My Office

My Original 1964 Aurora Godzilla Model

A Godzilla poem by me:

Godzilla was looking for something to stomp. One day he found Tokyo and so he did romp. He kicked and he pushed and with his tail he did slap, until Tokyo was a big pile of crap.

My Godzilla Butane Lighter (slide the fins down on his back to ignite the flame which shoots out of his mouth)

Some really cool Creature Coasters I found.

My cool Creature Dog Tag which I can wear with pride when I'm out and about in my Human form.

This is the cool Christmas Card my friends daughter made for me in 2011 (in order: Back, Front, Inside).

Here I am behind the wheel of my friends Hemi powered T-Bucket. That's my Dodge Ram in the background (Black of course). The tailgate is off to be repainted, but I could have said that is the exhaust port for the massive Mopar ion thruster, but then who would believe that?


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