Research Students & PhD Committees

PhD defense committees

2018 Hatem Ismail “Analyzing and Mitigating Security Threats in P2P Systems”, TU Darmstadt.

2017 Kubilay Demir “A Secure and Reliable Communication Platform for the Smart Grid”, TU Darmsatdt.

2013 Jetzabel M. Serna-Olvera “A Trust-driven Privacy Architecture for Vehicular Ad-Hoc Networks”, Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC), Spain.

Current PhD students

Since 2020 Abdelwadoud Mabrouk “Real-time Highly-Scalable Pub-Sub for IoT”.

Since 2019 Kreshnik Ramadani “Resource-Aware AI for IoT”.

Since 2018 Andreas Aigner “Security Metrics for Cyber-Physical Systems”.

Since 2018 Ahmed Chebaane “Time-Critical Fog Computing for Vehicular Networks”.

Since 2018 Tobias Piller “Semantic-Based Highly-Scalable Pub-Sub for IoT”.

Since 2017 Abdullah Al-Khatib “Software-Defined Networking for Future Vehicular Networks”.

Supervised PhD students (with Prof. Neeraj Suri)

2007-2016 Azad Ali “Fault-Tolerant Spatio-Temporal Compression Scheme for Wireless Sensor Networks”.

2010-2015 Mohammadreza Mahmudimanesh “Efficient Saptio-Temporal Sampling in Wireless Sensor Networks Based on Compressive Sampling”.

2009-2015 Daniel Germanus “Increasing Structured P2P Protocol Resilience to Localized Attacks”.

2008-2014 Vinay Sachidananda “On Maximizing the Efficiency of Multipurpose WSNs through Avoidance of Over- or Under-Provisioning of Information”.

2007-2013 Piotr Szczytowski “Wireless Sensor Networks Maintenance Framework”.

2006-2010 Brahim Ayari “Perturbation-Resilient Atomic Commit Protocols for Mobile Environments”.

2006-2010 Faisal Karim Shaikh “Tunable Reliability of Information Transport in Wireless Sensor Networks”.

Supervised degree project works

Since 2016 Supervision of 60+ Bachelor and Master Thesis.

2000-2012 Supervision of 20+ Bachelor and Master Thesis