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Current research themes

Studies of structure, chemistry and morphology during vapor phase materials processing (OMVPE, MOCVD) using x-ray scattering as real-time probes of growth and processing. 

Limits of ferroelectricity in ultra-thin (nanoscale) films

Relaxation mechanisms and defect incorporation in epitaxial films

Time-resolved studies in structural and lattice response in ferroelectric thin films: polarization reversal and piezoresponse studied via x-ray scattering.

X-ray studies of relaxation processes and incorporation of In during growth of InGaN by MOCVD

Oscillatory reactions during MOCVD growth of InGaN and InN

Contact Information

Professor Carol Thompson
LaTourette Hall 207

Department of Physics
Northern Illinois University
DeKalb, IL 60115 USA

+1 815-753-1772

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at Argonne National Laboratory
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