Phys 374 (Advanced Physics Laboratory) Fall 2014

FOR FIRST CLASS (August 26, 2015 - Start out doing some web and textbook searches to answer questions in the Peer_Exercises_Phys374_Fall2014 document (uploaded from bottom of this page).
Phys 374 Class meetsTuesday and Thursday 10:00 - 11:50 am
Using Faraday West 233 (Electronics Lab) for lectures or presentations.
Laboratory used are LaTourette 219/Faraday Hall 121A and LaTourette 213.

Faculty Carol Thompson,LaTourette Hall 207, Northern Illinois University, DeKalb, IL 60115, USA 815-753-1772

Office hours - Tues 1:30-3pm but preferred method of choosing time to meet is by mutual agreement.  Please just go ahead and contact me! We can meet a different time if that works for both of us.
Teaching Assistant - none

Textbook -Optional - Experiments in Modern Physics, Second Edition, Adrian C. Melissinos and Jim Napolitano (2003) Academic Press (Imprint of Elsevier).
Lichten used as guide for error analysis. ‘Guides’ for experiments will be made available, but for preparing for experiments, and for writing the reports later, students are expected to explore beyond the guides and find appropriate references in the Library, in textbooks from physics, chemistry, and math classes, and on the Web. 

Supplies - A Logbook (and non-erasable pens to write in it). Spiral bound is appropriate, although the pages must be numbered sequentially in pen before class. Also, continuing in older logbooks from prior lab classes is appropriate, however the labs for this class should be sequential in the book). Students need ready access to  Latex (either via MikTex (PC), TexLive (linux), MacTex (Mac), or Sharelatex (cloud-based,student license is $8/month).

See the downloads for a zipped file with Latex example files.

There is no midterm or final, the grading is primarily based on the assessment of laboratory effort and skills and the content quality of the presentations and reports, the preparation quality of the presentation and reports, logbooks (careful and complete reporting in the logbooks at each lab session) and participation in observations and questions during lab sessions. Attendance is required. Two or more unexcused absences leads to an F for the course.

Prof Carol Thompson,
Aug 26, 2014, 10:20 AM