Phys 460/560 (Quantum Physics) Fall 2013

Meets - Tues Thursday 5-6:15 pm Faraday Hall 237

Required Textbook

Quantum Mechanics: Foundations and Applications, D. G. Swanson, (2007) Publisher Taylor and Francis.

This textbook has good aspects and bad aspects, but it can be used both for Phys 460/560 and for the second semester Phys 461/561 (the fun semester - applications semester) and it is relatively modestly priced.

Syllabus - Pdf version posted at bottom of this page 

Background textbooks 

Pull your  your Phys III (intro modern physics, i.e., Phys 283) and Intro Modern Physics (i.e., Phys 383) textbooks out of storage!  Please see me for other suggestions and loaners of other helper textbooks at the level if necessary.

Additional textbooks at the upper level UG level (similar to this course) that have good material covered in different ways or problems for practice.

Quantum Mechanics for Scientists and Engineers, David A. B. Miller,  Cambridge University Press
This is a quite nice book written  - and was a strong contender for the Phys 460/560 this semester. it also has a variety of nice treatments of some applications typical for the second semester (and additional exotic applications that would be fun to cover), but did not have enough of the typical applications that we like to cover in Phys 461/561.

Introduction to Quantum Mechanics: in Chemistry, Materials Science, and Biology,
S. M. Blinder, Academic Press.

The following are very classic text often used for 2 semester UG quantum physics courses.
Introduction to Quantum Mechanics, David J. Griffiths,  Pearson Prentice Hall;
Introductory Quantum Mechanics,  Richard Liboff,  Addison Wesley Publishing;
Quantum Mechanics: Concepts and Applications, Nouredine Zettili, Wiley Publishing

I have not seen the following - but just ran across it and was able to see the table of contents - has a broad and interesting selection of topics.
The Quantum Mechanics Solver: How to Apply Quantum Theory to Modern Physics,
Jean-Louis Basdevant and Jean Dalibard, Springer Press

Note to Phys 560 students (graduate credit)

Phys 560 students will usually have a few extra required problems added into the homework, and typically, one of their exam problems will be replaced with a slightly more sophisticated version or - otherwise, the same 'percentage' weighting will be used for final grade.

Prof Carol Thompson,
Aug 27, 2013, 6:05 PM