This website was put together during the course of 2013-14 and updated with each published draft of the National Curriculum. The content now represents that which appears in the statutory National Curriculum document, to be enacted from September 2014 onwards.

The full documentation can be accessed via the Gov.UK website at https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/national-curriculum-in-england-primary-curriculum. The content on this site has been reduced to show only the bulleted objectives, which have been numbered for ease of reference. The code system used is different from that which appeared in previous curriculums. In core subjects, references are made up of a two-letter subject code followed by the year number, and then use decimal numbers and letters to further subdivide the sections. In foundation subjects the year number is replaced by the key stage number.

All of the content which is drawn from the National Curriculum is used under the Open Government Licence. Additional content, such as the comparison documents for mathematics have been created by Michael Tidd and are published under a Creative Commons licence for non-commercial use. 


The author can be contacted via Twitter (@michaelt1979), by email at info@primarycurriculum.me.uk or via his blog.