About US

About Price and Benefits Past, Present and Future.

Price and Benefits History

Price and Benefits is a business that started back in 2011 but enough effort was not put into making the company prosper as there were many setbacks in that time. 

Some of those include:
- rejection of the original name by the Companies Office of Jamaica because it closely resembled another company's name.
- the main author was hospitalized for 7 days and went through a 1 year recovery process.
- the other collaborators in the business migrated, and some lost interest in the business.
- the main author now had to do everything himself which is a daunting task for 1 person to do a job that requires and team of at least 10 people.
- and finally the author is still in university, so the time that should be spent building the business had to be diverted to study.

Fast Forward to August 2013

The original author is now ready to put the effort and time required to make the business prosper. The author now has a more focused vision, new tools and skills necessary skills to make this business prosper and grow into an international business.

The Reason

The author's vision is simple, he likes to know the price of a product and how it can benefit him before he makes a purchase. It is his view that if he knows the price of something and the benefits it offers then he would be able to make a more informed decision about his purchase. In simple terms, he wants to know if it is worth it to buy this product. 

If the benefits far outweigh the price of the product or service, then it is only logical to buy that product or service especially if it is something that is wanted or needed regardless of the brand.

Also, the author is male and a lazy shopper, when he buys something it is usually that he saw it before somewhere. Here is an example of how the author shops:

" He is on his way home from school and something catches his eye in the display window of a store. He then goes to the window, looks at the item and the price. If it is something that he LIKES, NEEDS, and is USEFUL. Then he makes a purchase then or if he can't purchase it the very same day then he goes back when he has saved the money to do so."

But here is the PROBLEM, when he goes back to BUY he doesn't look at any other products along the way. He ONLY, buys that ONE item. This might not be true for all men. But most men don't shop around, when the go to a store to buy something they buy exactly what they want and nothing else. Unlike most women who shop around and spend loads of time picking out shoes and clothes. Men know exactly want they want before hand.

Also, when men go shopping it usually doesn't take very long because we know what we like and we are not very experimental. We have a "STICK TO WHAT YOU KNOW"
 or a "STICK TO WHAT WORKS" mentality. Usually it is the women who shop around and spend hours in a store browsing around.