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Introduction to Price and Benefits

Introduction to Price and Benefits

The Goal of Price and Benefits

Price and Benefits aims to do exactly what the name suggests, which is, to list the price and benefits of as many products and services as possible across the globe offered by businesses big and small. The vision is to be the main website for most of the prices of the products and services across the world.

How Does Price and Benefits Help You the Consumer

Well, Price and Benefits provides you with a free global catalog of all of the prices of almost every product you can think of around the world. It also lists the benefits of each product, reviews, comments, how to use the products, where you can find the products and if you can purchase them online. 

So, after visiting the Price and Benefits website you should be able to decide if your purchase is worth it or not. Also, if the product is a physical product and it can be purchased online, you will be diverted to the check out page for that product in order to make your purchase.

The goal is to make shopping hassle free, much less time consuming and also less labor intensive.

How does Price and Benefits Help You as a Business

Well, Price and Benefits provides you with a platform to quote the prices of all your products and services especially if you are a physical business. We all know the difficulty of running a successful brick and mortar business and it's drawbacks.

Some of the major setbacks is DISPLAY SPACE for all of your products. Most customers never see half of the products on display especially if it is not at eye level or very "eye catching". So many of your products sit on the shelves and in the storeroom gathering dust. 

That is where we come in, if your customer has access to the internet from any device, he/she can browse every item you have in stock before they come in to the store. This will give all of your products an equal opportunity to be seen.