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Hello! I'm Pranay Dighe, currently a Ph.D. student in Doctoral School of Electrical Engineering at École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL), Switzerland and research assistant in Speech & Audio Processing group at IDIAP Research Institute under the supervision of Prof. Hervé Bourlard.

I received Bachelor's and Master's degree in Computer Science & Enggineering from Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur under the supervision of Prof. Harish Karnick (CSE, IITK) and Prof. Bhiksha Raj (LTI, CMU).

I am currently working on enhancing deep neural networks (DNN) based automatic speech recognition (ASR) using Dictionary Learning and Sparse Coding techniques, with special focus on extraction of low-rank structures in DNN outputs. My research is sponsored by funding from SNSF project “Parsimonious Hierarchical Automatic Speech Recognition (PHASER)”.

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