Current teaching responsibilities

I am teaching several courses in mechanical engineering mostly related to product design, for the last three years working as an assistant professor. At IIT Ropar, I teach product design and realization (two courses), CAM/CAM, and design research to undergraduate students, and sustainable design and manufacturing to post graduate students. My course has resulted in patents, and the course evaluations by students are excellent. Additionally, I am supervising many design projects, and many of them are being recommended for patents. Most of my courses are project based, leading to innovations. Apart from these, I have also delivered short-term courses and presented invited talks in different institutes.

Course sites

GEL 101, Product Design and Realization –I, is a four credit course of one hour of lecture, two hours of computer lab, and four hours of manufacturing lab each week. I have offered this course for the last six semesters. The course is compulsory for all the students of the Institute and each semester sixty students of mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, and computer science and engineering attend this course.

Please visit the link for more information on GEL 101: Product design and realization 1: pd.mechengineering.org

MEL 517, Sustainable Design and Manufacturing is also a four-credit course of two hours of lecture and four hours of lab. This course I offered with Dr. Anshu Dhar Jayal, who also works in sustainability. This course is for PhD students.

Please visit the link for more information on MEL 517: Sustainable design and manufacturing: sdmcourse.mechengineering.org

MEL 467, Design research is a three credit elective course for all students.

Please visit the link for more information on MEL 467: Design research: https://sites.google.com/site/designresearchropar/home 

Courses taught

Postgraduate level

  1. MEL 517, Sustainable Design and Manufacturing, 4 credits, Lecture: Tutorial: Lab=2:0:4, jointly taught, 2012 (spring) [link to course site]
  2. Research methodology for scientists and engineers, 3 credits, Lecture: Tutorial: Lab=2:0:2, jointly offered, 2013 (spring)

Undergraduate level

  1. GEL 101, Product design and realization -I, 4 credits, Lecture: Tutorial: Lab= 1:0:6, 2011(fall and spring), 2012 (fall and spring), 2013 (fall and spring), 60 students in each batch [link]
  2. MEP 205, Product design and realization –II, 2 credits, Lecture: Tutorial: Lab= 0:0:4, 2013 (fall), 40 students, jointly taught
  3. MEN 100, Mechanical engineering, 1 credit, Lecture: Tutorial: Lab = 1:0:0, special classes only, jointly taught (Fall, 2012 and 2013)
  4. MEL 467 Design research, 3 credits, Lecture: Tutorial: Lab = 2:0:2, jointly taught, 2013 (spring, 2013; summer, 2014) [Link]
  5. MEL 474, Computer Aided Design and Manufacturing (CADM), 4 credit, Tutorial: Lab = 2:0:4, jointly offered (winter, 2014)

Short term courses conducted

  1. 2010 Short course on design of cars, Frederick school, Maryland, USA
  2. 2004 Short term Course: Advanced Aesthetics, to M.Des. students, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore
  3. 1998, 2002-2003 Taught CAD courses, Trichy, KGF, Bangalore