LzTurbo - World's fastest compressor


LzTurbo is a high performance lz77 based compressor featuring the fastest compression/decompression. 
Serveral times faster than the fastest compressor (see LzTurbo benchmarks)

Download: LzTurbo v1.2 for windows and linux 


- Parallel and linear scalable compression/decompression on multiprocessor/multicore systems.
- Overlapping i/o with compression/decompression.
- Parallel compression/decompression of multiple files.
- Compress/decompress directories recursively.
- World's fastest compression/decompression library.
- New "Asymmetric Numeral Systems" TurboANX w. JIT switching [scalar/SSE/AVX2], decompress more than 15 times faster than Lzma with a bit less compression ratio

LzTurbo library: world's fastest compression library

- Several compression methods at memory or SSD speed, up to and beyond 5GB/s!! per core.
- Unique state of the art optimal parsing with high compression ratio and fast decompression.
  Level of compression not found in any fast lz77 compressor.

+ Lzturbo vs. fastest and popular compressors *
- Method 1 - compress better and >2x faster, decompress >3x!! faster than snappy.
- Method 1 -
compress better and faster, decompress up to 2x! faster than lz4.
- Method 1 - decompress nearly 7x!! faster than lzo
- Method 2 - compress better and 4x faster, decompress more than 7x!! faster than zlib.
- Method 3 - compress better and up to 12x!! faster, decompress >3x!! faster than zlib.
- Method 3 - decompress 7x! faster than lzham at nearly the same compression ratio.
- Method 3 -
decompress more than 15x faster than lzma with a bit less compression ratio.
- Method 4 - LzTurbo beats lzma compression ratio w. equivalent decompression speed.