The exoskeleton is a marvel of engineering

integrating a computer controlled hydraulic system into a flexible frame. Exoskeleton "hybrids" are the cross over technology for man to machine. In the physical form for now.

Hybrid models cross exoskeleton technology with robots. Prototypes have been built for children. They have a self stabilizing system and most move on wheels. Computer gyroscopes help stabilize the robot in a vertical position. Similar technology is used with the popular Segway. A 2 wheel personal gyro balancing scooter platform.

Giant models will give people new access to work on high placed objects and structures. Robots with super human strength are already doing tasks never thought possible only a few years ago. Computers are advancing technology at a fast rate. Implementing the technology learned can take some time. Usually design will change in active prototype build as new software or hardware is discovered or generated. Field testing yields results which materials and mechanisms work best for specific applications.

Movies such as Star-trek and the Cyborg characters seem not so far in the future any more. Testing is also being done on autonomous robots that can feel and perform functions remotely. Other system have the user wear a computer linked head set and hand controls. Commands are then sent wireless or wired to the remote robot. As the user turns their head, the robot follows their moves and allows the user to see with head mounted cameras on the remote robot. Hand manipulators allow the robot to pick up and even sense objects. Advancements on this technology will bring amazing possibilities such as being able to sit at home and remotely perform work with your robot. From the comfort of your armchair. Simple tasks could be programmed in to run automatically. Like taking the garbage out daily, walk the dog, etc.

Scenario: In the future neighbors are comparing their robots.

Tony -"Hey George, check out my EX1 exoskeleton. 10 years old but I did my maintenance. Still looks and works like new."

George - "yah I admit Tony, it does look good." Glances at his beat up, noisy, rusty robot mowing the lawn. "Did I ever tell you about the time me and Rexy went ice fishing? He went through the ice pulling the fishing shack. Big cloud of steam and sparks. Thought he was a goner that day. Glad I was able to pick up some parts for him on eBay."

George thinks to himself. If I win that lottery, I am buying the new 30 foot model. That will shut Tony up for a while. Maybe I will use the excuse I was still learning the controls when I dent up his jag. Hmm, I wonder what the finance rates are on that one?

Experiments and testing are presently being done to run robots remotely. In the near futue you could well see big robots like this performing tasks globally. All the while the operator can be many miles away. Or even at home.

Imagine the savings in people having to commute to work. Simply turn on your computer from home. Ground maintenance people would still be needed. A built in shut down would not be a bad idea. A big run away exoskeleton could be something right out of a horror movie!