PoseRay is an utility to convert 3D meshes into POV-Ray scenes, Moray UDO files or Kerkythea meshes.

PoseRay can also edit the materials and act as a simple transformation tool for the geometry. PoseRay can also export the modified model to wavefront (OBJ) format for use in other 3D programs.


Starting June 14, 2021 all the downloads are hosted on Mega

Get the latest version (v3.13.31 - March 2, 2021)

Manual (PDF) (included with archive above)

Version history (PDF)

Folder link with all previous versions of PoseRay

Main Features

  • Converts 3D models into full POV-Ray scenes, Moray objects or Wavefront models (OBJ+MTL).

  • Basic 3D Preview (using the OpenGL ® API) with basic support for materials, lights and camera

  • Smooth and flat surface subdivision

  • Material property editor

  • Basic geometry transformations (scale, translate, rotate, displace, etc)

  • Support for scenes exported from Poser and DAZ Studio.

  • Supported Import Formats: Wavefront(OBJ & MTL),3D studio(3DS), LightWave(LWO), AutoCAD(DXF), POV-Ray 3.X mesh or mesh2, VRML(WRL, GZ), Raw Triangle(RAW)

  • Supported Export Formats: POV-Ray full scene with camera, lights, materials and geometry, Wavefront (OBJ & MTL), Moray(UDO, INC), Kerkythea mesh

  • Detailed list of features in PoseRay's manual

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