is an utility to convert 3D model meshes into POV-Ray scenes, Moray UDO files or Kerkythea meshes.

PoseRay can also edit the materials and act as a simple transformation tool for the geometry. PoseRay can also export the modified model to wavefront (OBJ) format for use in other 3D programs.

Current version: PoseRay 3.13.23 (July 22, 2014) In Google Drive click Download arrow at the top to get the entire archive as a zip file. 

Older versions of PoseRay are available here

PoseRay Manual (included with archive)

PoseRay is for Windows but it can also work in Linux using Wine.

Main Features:

  • Converts 3D models into full POV-Ray scenes, Moray objects or Wavefront models (OBJ+MTL).
  • 3D Preview (using the OpenGL ® API) with support for materials, lights and camera
  • Smooth and flat surface subdivision
  • Material property editor
  • Basic geometry transformations
  • Support for Poser and DAZ Studio scenes.
  • Supported Import Formats:Wavefront(OBJ & MTL),3D studio(3DS), LightWave(LWO), AutoCAD(DXF), POV-Ray 3.X mesh or mesh2, VRML(WRL, GZ), Raw Triangle(RAW).
  • Supported Export Formats: POV-Ray full scene with camera, lights, materials and geometry, Wavefront (OBJ & MTL), Moray(UDO, INC), Kerkythea mesh