About Us

GUESTS, ABOVE ALL ELSE, we want to make sure that today you have heard how much God loves you. God loves you so much that He has withheld nothing from you—not even the life of His Son, Jesus the Christ. For you see, the sin that we are born into, and which plagues us every day of our life, is appalling to God, an inescapable death sentence. God does not want us to die eternally. So, before the creation of the world, He devised the Plan of Salvation. In His plan, Jesus, God’s eternal Son, voluntarily substituted Himself for us in death. On Good Friday, He died for all sin; On Easter morning, He rose again victorious over death. Because of this, all who believe in Jesus Christ, both as Lord and Savior, will receive forgiveness and eternal life. How do we receive this wonderful gift from God? We ask God for the gift of faith, through the Holy Spirit, to believe in Jesus. We seek His Baptism of forgiveness. We feast with Christ at His Supper.


WHO IS GOD? The Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

WHAT IS THE PURPOSE OF THIS CONGREGATION? Our purpose is to meet together in worship, that in this sinful world God may give us the gifts of His Word, His Baptism, the His Lord’s Supper for our lives, and for us to grant to Him the praise and thanks He deserves.

WHAT ARE THE VITAL ACTIVITIES OF THIS CONGREGATION? Baptism, weekly worship, the Lord’s Supper, study of the Bible, Confirmation preparation, support of Christian marriage, Christian burial, many social events, and help for those in need.

HOW DID IT ALL START? This congregation was begun in 1980 as a mission congregation in Coralville by the Lutheran congregations in eastern Iowa.

WITH WHICH CHURCH BODY ARE WE ASSOCIATED? We are a member in the Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod.


CAN I ATTEND COMMUNION WITHOUT BEING A MEMBER? As there are so many different, and contradictory, teachings concerning Communion, following the Bible, we ask that you first learn and understand what Communion is among us, and communicate your agreement with our understanding before attending Communion.

HOW DO I LEARN MORE ABOUT BECOMING A MEMBER? Speak with Pastor Otto. He would be glad to sit down with you and answer all of your questions.



A Brief History of Prince of Peace Lutheran Church

11/27/1974 - The Iowa District East (IDE) of the LCMS purchased land in Coralville (lots 3-7) for $57,550.

4/1975 - Additional lots purchased (lots 1-2) for $12,000.

6/22/75 - IDE holds a meeting at St. Paul's Lutheran Church, Iowa City to discuss a Coralville mission.

7/09/78 - Rev. Daniel Bohlken is Called by IDE and installed as a Missionary-at-large during a service at Our Redeemer in Iowa City.

7/15/78 - Rev. Bohlken holds the first mission service at Coralville United Methodist Church. Fifty people attend.

9/1978 - Potential architects for the new church are interviewed by the Building Committee.

1/1979 - Architects Wehner and Associates of Iowa City are recommended to IDE by the Building Committee.

1/30/79 - The IDE Board of Directors approve the architect. The name “Prince of Peace” is chosen.

7/20/79 - The architect signs a contract.

9/10/79 The architect present a layout and model to the Building Committee. It is approved. (When asked how large to make the Nave, the Pastor responds, "Large enough to play volleyball.")

10/09/79 - The IDE District Mission Board approves the building plan progress.

3/22/80 - The first Voters Meeting of the congregation.

3/25/80 - Groundbreaking for church building.

6/1980 - In convention, IDE accepts Prince of Peace as a new LCMS congregation.

8/1980 - Burger Construction begins work.

10/1980 - Prince of Peace Calls Rev. Boyken to be their Pastor.

1980 - The IDE LWML gives $3,000 to Prince of Peace for furnishings.

12/12/80 - Prince of Peace is incorporated by the state of Iowa.

4/1981 - The first service is held in the new building (a Wednesday Lenten service).

5/03/81 - Rev. Bohlken is Installed as Pastor of Prince of Peace.

6/14/81 - The new building is dedicated. (Volleyball is played in the church in the evenings, attracting college students and young families.)

1982 - The altar is dedicated.

1982 - The carpet is installed. Trees are planted.

7/1984 - The congregation's Constitution is amended to include Women’s Suffrage.

11/1984 - Late one foggy evening, while racing, a car runs into the northeast corner of the church while trying to take a short cut. $10,000 damage to the church.

1985 - IDE purchased back from Prince of Peace 7 lots to help with the congregation's debt.

10/1985 - Rev. Bohlken takes a Call to a congregation in Montana.

6/08/86 - Rev. Roger Abatie is installed as Pastor of Prince of Peace Lutheran Church.

1986 - A Church Secretary is hired. A sound system is installed.

1986 - The Church Council determines that the congregation's biggest challenge is the lack of facilities.

9/1986 - A shed is built “barn-raising style.” Pictures show that corn was being grown on the lots north of the church.

1986 - Painting of the interior.

10/25/87 - A new pulpit is dedicated

10/14/88 - A piano is purchased.

1988 - A Chair Committee is formed to find replacements for the metal folding chairs (150 chairs needed).

3/20/89 - The new Sanctuary chairs arrive.

1989 - A new Chancel cross is installed.

1990 - Rev. Abatie accepted a Call to a congregation in Illinois.

5/23/90 - 1st Call Meeting to find a new pastor.

6/24/90 - 10th Anniversary Celebration of the congregation.

9/08/91 - 13th Call Meeting to find a new pastor.

1/19/92 - Rev. Richardson is installed as the third pastor of Prince of Peace.

1992 - A Fellowship Hall Building Committee is formed.

1992 - The first Computer and printer purchased.

1992 - A Mission Statement is developed.

1993 - A Building Expansion Committee is established.

7/09/03 - Groundbreaking for the new Fellowship Hall addition.

1993 - The Great Flood. Rain fills the hole for the new basement, almost undermining the church.

1993 - A Pioneer Youth Group is formed. (Discontinued.)

5/22/94 - The Fellowship Hall is dedicated.

1997 - ESL classes are held at Prince of Peace. (Discontinued)

8/1998 - Rev. Richardson accepts a call to another IDE congregation.

1998 - A hedge and trees are planted along the creek.

11/1998 - Rev. Otto is Called to be the Pastor of Prince of Peace.

2/28/99 - Rev. Otto is installed as the fourth Pastor of Prince of Peace.

1999 - Pastor Otto visits every member (60 home visits).

5/02/99 - A new organ is installed (from a home in Chicago).

6/1999 - Paraments are received from a congregation in Ames.

9/29/99 - The First Rally Day is held with a picnic and games.

10/16/99 - The First Annual Reformation Bonfire (58 attended) is held.

11/01/99 - Marcia McGoldrick is hired as Church Secretary.

11/1999 - A new form of guest-friendly bulletin is introduced.

12/1999 - The last "Live Nativity" is held during Coralville Luminary Night.

1999 - A portable stage is constructed for the Christmas Pageant.

12/1999 - First Christmas Pageant is held in replacement of the older Christmas Program. The tradition continues.

2000 - Good Friday and Holy Saturday services are held.

2000 - New tradition: Bibles are given to all children completing 2nd grade on Confirmation Sunday.

2/18/00 - The First Annual Game Night.

3/2000 - The Communion Rail is installed and dedicated.

5/2000 - 20 additional sanctuary chairs are purchased ($62/each).

2000 - The "Parking Lot Tree" is cut down.

12/24/00 - The Chalice is dedicated and put into use (purchased with memorial funds).

1/2001 - The end of 20 years of District Subsidy (financial support) for the congregation.

2/2001 - First Annual “Everyone Come To Church Sunday”.

3/2001 - A Basement Building Committee is formed to consider plans for using the space under the Fellowship Hall.

2001 - A glass top is added to the altar.

7/15/01 - Organist Tom Drury’s last Sunday.

10/21/01 - VISION SUNDAY is held during the worship service.

12/2001 - A new gravel parking lot is added on the north side.

1/13/02 - An altar cross is purchased and dedicated.

1/02 - Rev. Otto begins Doctor of Ministry classes at Concordia Seminary in St. Louis.

1/05/02 - A Basement Clean Up Day is held to prepare for construction.

1/2002 - A Basement Fund Drive kicks off.

4/28/02 - The Voters voted to go ahead and develop the basement into new classroom space.

4/2002 - The Pulpit is raised up one foot (to improve visibility from back of the church).

4/2002 - The Chancel is painted white.

6/2002 - A second Sunday service, at 8:00, is tested in June and July.

7/04/02 - The Fellowship Committee hosts the first after parade picnic.

2002 - The Chancel Tower Windows are replaced.

7/2002 - The Youth Group takes a trip to Duluth, MN.

9/15/02 - Organist David Kroll and wife Renee join the congregation.

9/2002 - The construction on the basement begins (Wagehoft Construction).

11/24/02 - VISION SUNDAY II is held in the afternoon.

1/19/03 - The Basement Dedication Celebration (District President Arp cut the ribbon).

1/2003 - The Sanctuary ceiling and back wall are painted white.

2/02/03 - The 8:00 Sunday service is added.

2003 - The Sanctuary is remodeled. The two front classrooms are removed.

2003 - The airlock is built onto the north door. An awning is installed over the north doorway.

7/2003 - Rev. Otto introduces LCEF's Strategic Ministry Planning (SMP) idea at a Voters Meeting.

11/2003 - A new sound system is installed (McKiness memorial).

2/22/04 - Special Sunday LCEF SMP Voters Meeting. LCEF SMP option declined.

6/2004 - SMP Decision Process chosen as Rev. Otto’s Doctoral research project.

6/2004 - The Youth Group goes to Boston.

7/2004 - The Congregation raised funds to supply an LCMS Marine Chaplain with needed Catechisms for the soldiers in basic training.

9/01/04 - The outside cross is installed on south face of the building (Vogt memorial).

11/2004 - Organist David Kroll begins playing at the 8:00 service (Advent 1) in place of recorded music.

1/2005 - Doctoral Major Applied Project Research Interviews begun by Pastor Otto (90 members to be interviewed).

2005 - The congregation hires a janitorial services to replace volunteer cleaners.

2005 - The congregation re-purchases the north lots from IDE.

4/2005 - The entire parking lot is paved.

5/2005 - Parish Planning Meeting held at local hotel.

7/03/05 - The congregation celebrates its 25th Anniversary. Rev. Roger Abatie returns as the guest preacher.

7/04/05 - The Prince of Peace Christian Preschool enters a float in the Coralville parade.

9/2005 - The Preschool opens. Andrea Martz, Director.

3/2006 - A second cross is installed on outside of the church (north facing).

9/2006 - The Preschool begins its second year at full capacity. Mrs. Martz, Director.

12/03/06 - The hymnal The Lutheran Service Book is dedicated and put into use.

2/01/07 - The Preschool adds a new Tuesday-Thursday class.

6/2007 - Five years later, Pastor Otto takes the last classes for his doctorate.

6/2007 - The Great Church Basement Flood of 2007.

7/2007 - Organist David Kroll takes a new position in Georgia.

9/2007 - HanMi Kang becomes the Organist.

9/2007 - The Preschool enters its third year.

12/2007 - Winter storms cause the cancellation of the practices for the Christmas Pageant. Unrehearsed, the Pageant goes ahead and is a big success.

6/2008 - Floods devastate parts of Coralville and Iowa City, but the church building is not harmed. Many members donate time in sandbagging and helping with the recovery. The Childrens' Center for Therapy of Iowa City is flooded out of their S. Gilbert building and sets up shop in the church's Fellowship Hall and basement for the balance of the summer. VBS is cancelled. Congregation supports local recovery efforts and sends financial gifts to St. John's Lutheran Church in Waverly.

7/2008 - Jennifer Bounds becomes the new Director of the Prince of Peace Christian Preschool.

9/2008 - Sunday School begins using a Rotation Schedule. Each Bible lesson is studied for 3 weeks with the children rotating to a new venue each week.

2/28/2009 - Pastor Otto's 10 year anniversary at Prince of Peace.

5/18-19-20/2009 - 30 year old Sanctuary roof shingled.

6/28/2009 - HanMi Kang plays for her last service at Prince of Peace. Because of the destruction of the Music Building at the UofI she has had to make the difficult decision to move her studies to another school.

9/12/2009 - Michael Schultz, U of I student, new organist.

1/30/2010 - Congregational Planning Meeting led by Rev. Hartwig from Our Redeemer in Iowa City.

2013 - Winter - New carpeting and paint in the sanctuary.

February 2014 - Pastor Otto's 15th Anniversary at Prince of Peace

August - Youth Group Trip to St. Louis

Sept. 2014 - Preschool begins its 10th year!