Ponylude is a custom-designed collection of Magic: The Gathering cards with My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic as their common theme. There have been many attempts by the Brony community to create such a collection; successes and failures have both been numerous. 

This is my attempt. 

Ponylude (and its first follow-up expansion, Coltsnap), is a custom-designed collection of Magic: The Gathering cards with My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic as its common theme. Ponylude prominently features characters and events from the first two seasons of the show (subsequent expansions like Coltsnap will feature later seasons) and is designed to be played for booster draft, sealed deck, and casual constructed play.

Ponylude consists of 250 cards; Coltsnap and all future expansions will likely consist of 150 cards. Ponylude has been in a complete (though certainly not finished) form for well over a year, design and development of Coltsnap has been underway ever since, and my goal is to have the first release version of that second set available and posted to its own website by the end of Spring. (Update 1/14/15: The second major round of playtesting is underway and many changes will be coming to certain cards; you might have noticed that Spirit of the Headless Horse is no longer posted here as it is likely being bumped upward in rarity, cost, and power/toughness.)

In the meantime, here are some Coltsnap preview cards to help whet your whistles, as't were:

Lightning Dust Crystal Librarian Babs Seed

Ponylude has been developed with not only casual Constructed play in mind, but Limited play as well. That's right, this set is meant to be drafted. While play-testing and power balancing are still underway, my goal with this set is to create a Limited environment that is both skill-intensive and interactive, with a wide variety of possible archetypes, an acceptable balance between the colors, and a challenge to both novice players and longtime veterans. 

I hope you enjoy Ponylude, and that you value the Magic of Friendship above all else.

With love and tolerance,

Alton DeHaan (Skye Swiftmane)


Ponylude set progress: 250/250 cards uploaded. 
Ponylude v0.4 uploaded July 15th, 2013.
Most recent update: January 2nd, 2015.


Coltsnap set progress: 56/150 cards uploaded.
Coltsnap website still under construction.


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