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Published Papers

Unemployment (fears) and Deflationary Spirals, (with W. J. den Haan and M. Riegler), Journal of the European Economic Association, (forthcoming) (click here for old version).

Fiscal Policy in an Unemployment Crisis, Review of Economic Studies, vol 83 (3), 2016 (final manuscript).

Inequality Constraints and Euler Equation based Solution Methods, Economic Journal, vol 125, 2015 (final manuscript).

Asset Based Unemployment InsuranceInternational Economic Review, vol 53 (3), 2012 (final manuscript).

Solving the incomplete markets model with aggregate uncertainty using explicit aggregation (with W. J. den Haan) Journal of Economic Dynamics & Control, vol 34 (1), 2010.

Solving and Simulating Models with Heterogeneous Agents and Aggregate Uncertainty (with Y. Algan, O. Allais, and W. J. den Haan) Handbook of Computational Economics, vol 3, 2014.

Working Papers

Technology, Market Structure, and the Gains From Trade, (with G. Impullitti and O. Licandro). 2017.

Linear Time Iteration, 2017. Code for discrete time: t_iteration.m. Code for continuous time: t_iteration_ct.m. The stochastic Ramsey growth model with endogenous labor supply as an example: example.m

Exact Present Solution with Consistent Future Approximation: A Gridless Algorithm to Solve Stochastic Dynamic Models(with W. J. den Haan and M. L. Kobielarz), 2015.

Equilibrium Contracts and Firm-sponsored Training, 2011.

Recursive Bargaining with Endogenous Threats (with R. Marimon), 2009