Research in the group focuses mainly in developing multiphase polymer microstructures by melt flow processes and in understanding the structure-property correlation in multiphasic systems. The group is also actively involved in directed self-assembly of nanoparticles using phase separation in polymer blends as a template. This is an exciting area from both fundamental aspects and product design.

Our Interests

Plastic Upcycling and Recycling

Radiation Resistant Smart Materials

Water Purification and Remediation

Layered Structural Materials

Technology Transferred

Nano-V-Shield Antiviral Face Mask

Antimicrobial AC Filters

Research Highlights

Plastics Upcycling and Recycling Using Vitrimers

Sustainable Water Remediation

Interpenetrated Polymeric Network and 2D Nanostructured Based Membranes For Water Remediation

Unique Structures for EMI Shielding Applications

Multilayered Structures and Unique Morphology Resulting in Multiple Scattering

From Fundamental Perspective

Mechanical interlocking of epoxy through ZnO grown on carbon fiber

Design and Development of Carbon Fiber/Epoxy Laminates with Engineered Interface

High Performance Thermoplastic Laminates