Research in the group focuses mainly in developing multiphase polymer microstructures by melt flow processes and in understanding the structure-property correlation in multiphasic systems. The group is also actively involved in directed self-assembly of nanoparticles using phase separation in polymer blends as a template. This is an exciting area from both fundamental aspects and product design.

Our research interests

Sustainable Water Remediation

Sieving ions through graphene quantum dots 'stitched' graphene oxide membranes
MOF and graphene based nano-scrolls for scavenging heavy metals from waste water
Graphene quantum dots for trapping Arsenic from waste water
MOF based sandwich membranes for water remediation

Advanced Materials for EMI Shielding Applications

Lightweight EMI shielding materials with CNT wrapped ferrites
Self-healing EMI shielding materials with graphene templated growth of semiconductors and ferrites
Mussel inspired PU based self-healing composites for EMI shielding
'Wool-ball' like heterostructures for EMI shielding

From Fundamental Perspective

Process mediated polymorphism, crystallographic texture and structure-property correlation in crystalline/amorphous blends
Polymer tethered graphene oxide influences miscibility and cooperative relaxation in LCST blends