Professional page of Yu S. Huang/黄宇.

My main expertise is bioinformatics, statistics, and population genetics. Check here for formal CV.

I completed my PhD in Computational Biology and Bioinformatics at USC, Oct 2010, under the supervision of Magnus Nordborg, working primarily on association mapping and population genetics in Arabidopsis thalianaI did a three-and-half-year PostDoc with Prof. Nelson Freimer at Human Genetics, UCLA (Nov 2010-Mar 2014), worked on population genetics and trait mapping (pedigree or population) in vervet monkeys analyzing the whole-genome DNA sequences from >700 monkeys of a vervet pedigree and >100 wild population monkeys. Before pursuing my PhD under Magnus, I had worked on the topic of gene function/network inference from gene expression data through graph theory. In July 2003, I received BSc in Biology from Fudan University. Biology turned out to be a tough choice given my interest is in more quantitative science (maths, physics, computer science). Fortunately, bioinformatics was around the corner (ushered in by the completion of human genome project). I graduated from an obscure high school in Shanghai, Chuansha High School. Chuansha was where my family is rooted for generations and it vanished in 1991 when it was re-branded as Pudong New Area.

In my spare time, I read lavishly to satiate my broad interests, EconomistNYTHBREngadgetbooks about historyleadership1,2,3economics/business 1,2fictions1,2, or just anything1. I ride Original Apex 34Landyachtz Grom Race, snowboard, and surf. Occasionally, I take out my little Ninja 250R for a spin or babysit dogs

Contact me by polyactis at gmail dot com. I engage social media on a once-a-month basis but feel free to follow me via twitter/google+ and blog. For people who are looking for my various log files, please head to the log folder in google doc.

Affiliation Illumina Inc. San Diego, CA
Office Phone +1.858.255.5498
Email: polyactis  at gmail  dot com