About Me

My name is Robert, and I live in East Tennessee with my wife, three children, and a Golden Retriever.  My profession lies in the field of radiological physics, but I've spent a good bit of my career programming/automating systems and software.  I created this site in 2010 to share some software I had begun working on related to reconnecting Microsoft Money's "online connectivity", and have been maintaining/enhancing the code since that time.

Coffee fund

I've received the occasional request to "make a donation" during the course of working on these scripts.  I have never intended to earn anything from my efforts, except the satisfaction of sharing and helping.  I don't have time to debug and troubleshoot all the potential issues that users may run across, and being "paid" creates a sense of obligation that I may be unable to satisfy.  Nonetheless, to address the desire by some folks to buy me a cup of coffee, so to speak, I decided to add the option somewhere along the way.  Again, I don't expect anything, and am more than happy for folks to use the scripts, and any information provided on this site, for free.  I'm not a "non profit", or anything of that sort, so if you do give, it's not really a donation.  At best, it would be a cup or two of good coffee (please don't give more than that!).

- Robert

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