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We are creating a repository of papers related to Early Math Modeling 

Research Papers
Suh, J.M., Matson, K. & Seshaiyer, P. (2017). Engaging Elementary Students in the Creative Process of Mathematizing Their World through Mathematical Modeling. Education Sciences 7 (62) doi:10.3390/educsci7020062

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English, L. D. (2010). Young children’s early modelling with data. Mathematics Education Research Journal, 22(2), 24–47.

English, L. D. (2013). Complex modelling in the primary and middle school years: An interdisciplinary approach. In G. A. Stillman, G. Kaiser, W. Blum, & J. P. Brown (Eds.), Teaching Mathematical Modelling: Connecting to Research and Practice (pp. 491–505). Dordrecht: Springer Netherlands. Retrieved from

Doerr, H.M., & English, L.D. (2003). A Modeling perspective on students' mathematical reasoning about data. Journal of Research in Mathematics Education, 34(2), 110-136.

English LD, Bergman Arleback J, Mousoulides N, (2016) Reflections on progress in mathematical modelling research, The second handbook of research on the psychology of mathematics education: The journey continues p383-413

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