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*PMEA All-State Harp, Accompanist, Jazz, Vocal Jazz and At-Large Information Instructions

Information including SUBMITTABLE deadlines, repertoire requirements, excerpts (At-Large) and instructions are ALL currently posted on the PMEA website. To access :, scroll to "CONFERENCES and EVENTS" and then click on PMEA All-State Information. One does NOT need to be a PMEA member to access this information.

As per Board Approval this past July, Accompanist, Jazz (tenor saxophones) and Vocal Jazz requirements contain new audition repertoire material and instructions which may require the purchase of new audition books.

(9/12/18 - 8:00 pm)

*PMEA All-State SUBMITTABLE Instructions and Repertoire for Jazz, Vocal Jazz, Accompanist and Harp

The 2019 All-State Audition Instructions and Repertoire with SUBMITTABLE for Jazz, Vocal Jazz, Accompanist and Harp are currently posted on the PMEA website - To access, go to, scroll to "Conferences and Events" and then click on "PMEA All-State Information".

There is new Audition Material for Vocal Jazz, Jazz (Tenor Saxophone) and Accompanist which will require the purchase of new books.

The All-State "At-Large" SUBMITTABLE instructions and Audition material will be posted on the PMEA website- Monday, September 10.

(8/8/18 - 5:20 pm)


District 3 President

Dr. Ryan Beeken

Indiana University of PA

Cogswell Hall, Room 111

422 South Eleventh Street

Indiana, PA 15705-1071


District 3 Vice President

Mrs. Acey Gongaware

United Jr./Sr. High School

10780 Route 56 Highway East

Armagh, PA 15920


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