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Join Your Colleagues In Harrisburg To Advocate For Music Education.

Wednesday, March 1st is PMEA's Annual Music Education Advocacy Day. After a couple of years away from live Advocacy Day in Harrisburg, we are heading back to the State Capitol and want YOU to join us!

It's crucial for your elected representatives to hear about issue important to you.

We make the process easy for you to participate in person.

You can meet PMEA colleagues from across Pennsylvania.

You'll leave feeling that you made a difference.

We Make The Process Easy For You To Participate.

In the coming weeks, we'll release a series of short videos to help you understand how to make an appointment in Harrisburg, what to expect in a meeting, and what PMEA's policy asks are.

If there are other advocates that share your representative, we'll match you up with them to attend meetings together.

Visit our website designed specifically for Advocacy Day.

On our website you can Learn More About Advocacy Day and Let Us Know You're Coming

We're asking anyone who plans to attend Advocacy Day to let us know on our website by February 10th. After that date, we'll let you know if there is anyone else visiting the same representative as you. At that time, you'll be able to start making appointments for March 1st in Harrisburg. We'll guide you through that process.

PMEA's Advocacy Day is not limited to PMEA members. We want any Pennsylvanian that believes in the value of music education to join us as well. Please spread the word to community advocates and music parents in your area who would like to join us.

PMEA Members and ANY Music Education advocate in Pennsylvania can visit our website now to learn more and let us know they're attending. After February 10th, we'll provide more details on PMEA's policy asks and how to schedule meetings.

(1/25/23 - 2:20 pm)

Communication Information for all d3 members

Slack will be used for the majority of District 3 communications.  All members (high school, middle school, elementary) should select the channels below that pertain to them - in Slack.  Directions for joining Slack can be found here.  If you joined last year, there is no need to rejoin.  If you'd like assistance, please email Rich Fisherowski.

(11/22/22 - 8:10 pm)

Website/Social Media request

If you would like something posted on the website or the D3 social media accounts (upcoming performances, student/program achievements), please complete this form:

D3 Website/Social Media Request Form


District 3 President 

Mr. Zachery Karcher

Indiana Jr. High School

245 N 5th Street

Indiana, PA 15701


District 3 Vice President 

Mr. Paul Rode

Penns Manor Jr./Sr. High School

6003 Rte 553 Hwy.

Clymer, PA 15728


PMEA D3 Facebook

PMEA District 3 Facebook