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Slack will be used for the majority of D3 director communications. D3 directors are encouraged to join Slack. Please contact Rich Fisherowski to join and for more information.

Topics of discussion include:
(*More topics can be added as needed.)

Band Fest
Chorus Fest
Higher ED
Elementary Beginning Band
General D3 Information
General Music K-6 & 7-12
Junior District Chorus
Professional Development
(6/18/21 - 6:25 pm)

*D3 Mini Grant & Scholarship Summary

The D3 Mini Grant and Scholarship Summary is now available. The document is located on the Application Forms & Resources page.

Indiana Social Band Collective

Indiana Area

Penns Manor Area

Purchase Line

Seeds of Faith Christian Academy

United Area


Composed by Henry Fillmore

Arranged by Larry Clark


Composed in 1919, at the end of the Spanish flu pandemic

100 years later, we are in the midst of a similar global crisis.

We dedicate this performance to all who demonstrate courage.

Sponsored by

ICMEA - Indiana County Music Educators Association

IUP Community Music School - Indiana University of Pennsylvania

PMEA District 3 - Pennsylvania Music Educators Association


District 3 President

Mrs. Acey Gongaware

United Jr./Sr. High School

10780 Route 56 Highway East

Armagh, PA 15920


District 3 Vice President

Mr. Zachery Karcher

Indiana Jr. High School

245 N 5th Street

Indiana, PA 15701


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