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*Mr. Zachary Karcher New D3 Vice President

Goodmorning Everyone! I am excited to be sharing with you that Mr. Zachary Karcher ( Jr. High Instrumental teacher Indiana Area School District ) has agreed to serve as Vice President for D3. I have known Zack for years and we have a wonderful working relationship. I look forward to what he will bring to D3 and to PMEA in this leadership role.

I appreciate those of you who considered this position and for very good reasons could not "step in" at this time. Please know that your continued work and leadership in D3 is vital to our continued success. As you are able - please take a moment to welcome Zack to his new position, and thank him for his service.

A message from Zachary Karcher.

(7/16/20 - 1:45 pm)

*NAfME COVID-19 Resources

There has never been a time in memory during which we as a profession have faced such a challenge to our teaching. NAfME and our partners are committed to supporting our music educators with resources for virtual instruction, professional development, and critical information during this pandemic. More information can be found at:

(6/26/20 - 5:50 pm)

*Dear D3 friends...

I hope this finds you well! These are surely anxious times not only personally but professionally. Many of us are being stretched in new directions that frankly, we didn’t sign on for😊. I am encouraged by the abundant ideas and helps that are flooding Facebook and our PMEA website. As a profession we are very creative people and I know that you will each rise to the challenges that are in front of you. Please reach out to me or any of the officers if we can be of any help. Utilize the resources that are coming from NAfME and PMEA. Talk to one another and share ideas and resources. We must not only get through this season, we must continue to share the importance of music with our students and our admins and our communities. These days could determine so much about the days that will follow Coronavirus.

I am here to help, be an ear or a shoulder..... PMEA is strong and we will be stronger when this is a memory.

Peace and blessings,


(3/26/20 - 4:55 pm)

Indiana Social Band Collective

Indiana Area

Penns Manor Area

Purchase Line

Seeds of Faith Christian Academy

United Area


Composed by Henry Fillmore

Arranged by Larry Clark


Composed in 1919, at the end of the Spanish flu pandemic

100 years later, we are in the midst of a similar global crisis.

We dedicate this performance to all who demonstrate courage.

Sponsored by

ICMEA - Indiana County Music Educators Association

IUP Community Music School - Indiana University of Pennsylvania

PMEA District 3 - Pennsylvania Music Educators Association


District 3 President

Mrs. Acey Gongaware

United Jr./Sr. High School

10780 Route 56 Highway East

Armagh, PA 15920


District 3 Vice President

Mr. Zachery Karcher

Indiana Jr. High School

245 N 5th Street

Indiana, PA 15701


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