Videos of previous talks

22nd November 2016: Matthias Christandl (Copenhagen) -- On the tensor rank of networks of entangled pairs: tensor surgery and the laser method

8th November 2016: Miguel Navascues (Vienna) -- Entanglement and Nonlocality of 1D Macroscopic Systems

12th April 2016: David Perez-Garcia (Madrid) -- Size-driven quantum phase transitions

26th January 2016: Nicole Yunger Halpern (Caltech) -- Toward physical realizations of information-theory models for small-scale thermodynamics

11th December 2015: Antonio Acin (ICFO, Barcelona) -- Randomness certification in quantum and general non-signalling theories.

12th November 2015: Bas Hensen (Bas Hensen, QuTech, Kavli Institute of Nanoscience Delft, Delft University of Technology) -- Experimental loophole-free violation of a Bell inequality using entangled electron spins separated by 1.3 km.

15th October 2015: Tobias J. Osborne (Institut für Theoretische Physik, Leibniz Universität Hannover) -- What is quantum field theory? A quantum information theorist's perspective.

9th June 2015: Lorenzo Maccone (Universita' di Pavia) -- Quantum time

26th November 2014: Howard Wiseman (Griffith University) -- After 50 years, Bell's theorem still reverberates

27th October 2014: Marco Piani (Strathclyde University) -- Usefulness of entanglement and steering in the discrimination of physical processes

20th May 2014: Daniel Gottesman (Perimeter Institute) -- Fault-tolerant quantum computation with constant overhead

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22nd April 2014: Chris Richardson (University of Liege) -- On the Uncertainty of the Ordering of Nonlocal Wavefunction Collapse when Relativity is Considered

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25th March 2014: Tobias Fritz (Perimeter Institute) -- A Combinatorial Approach to Nonlocality and Contextuality

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25th February 2014: Nicolas Brunner (University of Geneva) -- Dimension of Physical Systems

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28th January 2014: Troels Frimodt Rønnow (ETH Zurich) -- Quantum Annealing with 503 qubits

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26th November 2013: Mark Wilde (Louisiana State University) -- Strong converse theorems in quantum information theory

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29th October 2013: Renato Renner (ETH Zurich) -- Does freedom of choice imply that the wave function is real?

30th July 2013: Steven Flammia (University of Sydney) -- Thermalization, Error-Correction, and Memory Lifetime for Ising Anyon Systems

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18th June 2013: William Wootters (Williams College) -- What is the origin of complex probability amplitudes?

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27th May 2013: David Poulin (University of Sherbrooke) -- Tradeoffs Between Thermal and Quantum Fluctuations in 2D Quantum Memories

23rd April 2013: Dietrich Leibfried (NIST) -- Towards scalable quantum information processing (and quantum simulation) with trapped ions

26th March 2013: Ivette Fuentes (Nottingham) -- Quantum information processing in spacetime

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26th February 2013: Fernando Brandao (ETH Zurich) -- Exponential Decay of Correlations Implies Area Law

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29th January 2013: Roger Colbeck (ETH Zurich) -- No extension of quantum theory can have improved predictive power

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20th November 2012: Rob Spekkens (Perimeter Institute) -- Quantum correlations from the perspective of causal discovery algorithms

YouTube video editing is not available at the moment, so the talk starts about 4min into the video.

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23rd October 2012: Markus Müller (Perimeter Institute) -- Three-dimensionality of space and the quantum bit: an information-theoretic approach

25th September 2012: Stephanie Wehner (Singapore) -- Uncertainty and the generation of randomness

Due to a technical problem, a minute of the talk around 17:00 is missing

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18th September 2012: Caslav Brukner (Vienna) -- Quantum correlations with indefinite causal order

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28th August 2012: Francesco Buscemi (Nagoya) -- All entangled quantum states are nonlocal: equivalence between locality and separability in quantum theory

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19th June 2012: Scott Aaronson (MIT) -- Quantum Money from Hidden Subspaces

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29th May 2012: Joe Fitzsimons (Centre for Quantum Technologies, Singapore) -- Universal blind quantum computation

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9th May 2012: Vlatko Vedral (Oxford/Singapore) -- Temporal Entanglement and Thermodynamics

24th April 2012: Jonathan Oppenheim (University College London) -- Fundamental limitations for quantum and nano thermodynamics

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27th March 2012: Jeff Lundeen (NRC, Canada) -- Seeing is Believing: Direct Observation of the Wavefunction

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