Upcoming Q+ hangouts

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These are the "rules" of the Q+ hangouts:

  1. Q+ seats will usually be assigned first come, first served basis; there is a limit of ten active participants. An unlimited number of people can view the live stream and ask questions on the Q+ hangout thread.
  2. We encourage you to share the Q+ seminar with your colleagues locally by projecting onto a screen or using a large monitor. This allows us to get a bigger number of active participants in the hangout and makes watching the hangout locally more seminar-like. We're happy to reserve seats in the hangout should you decide to share your screen.
  3. All active participants should have a working webcam & audio set up. Make sure your bandwidth is sufficient and that the audio setup works well (if you use speakers there is a risk of feedback loops!). Test your setup before the hangout!
  4. During the hangout, mute your mic to prevent background noise.
  5. Please open the chat option during the hangout. We will try to moderate the questions there. If you ask one and are not using a headset, please mute your microphone during the answer of the speaker, as this will avoid audio loops.
  6. Unless the speaker objects, the hangout will be recorded and made available for offline viewing on YouTube. A list of previous recorded seminars is found here.

How to participate

The hangout will appear on the Q+ page on Google+. If you have a Google+ account, you should circle this page in order to see it in your stream. Just go to Google+ at the appointed time & join! There will be two links: one for joining the hangout actively with a webcam (limited to 10) and one for the "on air" livestream.

If you do not have a Google+ account then you can still view the talk live by going to the Q+ page at the appointed time. You will not be able to join the hangout actively, but you can still view the "on air" livestream.

A couple of hours after the hangout we will post the recorded video here.

Future of Q+

If you would like to suggest a speaker for a future Q+ hangout, then please add them to the Suggested Speakers spreadsheet on Google Docs.

We also make announcements and discuss the Q+ hangouts on the brand page, which is another reason to follow it!