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      School Counselor Caseload
              Last names  A-Ho:  Mrs. Kristen Brittain

Last names Hp-Pa:  Ms. Kirsi Varsa
                 Last names Pb-Z: Ms. Meagan Elliot
Lakshmi Palaniappan
(425) 837-5710

What do school counselors do?

Counselors at Pine Lake Middle School are committed to helping students maximize all of the benefits of a middle school experience. To this end, counselors provide an array of support services and guidance for students and their families. Frequently, counselors serve as a communication link for students, parents, teachers and administrators on a variety of issues, including:
  • Consult with individual students to support academic achievement and personal well-being
  • Work with administrators and classroom teachers to develop strategies for at-risk students
  • Talk with all students yearly about our zero-tolerance harassment policy and the importance of creating a safe and welcoming school climate
  • Assist 8th grade students in making a successful transition to high school and help 5th grade students and parents have a great transition to PLMS
  • Provide an opportunity for students to talk through their concerns and help resolve issues with teachers, peers and family members
  • Support students and their families during times of crisis
  • Provide students and their families with school and community resource information and referrals
  • Facilitate counseling small groups for students to work through common issues