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Mental Health & Crisis Support:

Crisis Connections (24hr), or call (206) 461-3222: If you (or someone you know) are in crisis

Crisis Text Line 741-741 (24hr): Text 'HEAL'

Suicide Lifeline (24hr): 800-273-8255

Trevor Project—LGBTQ resources: 866-488-7386

Seattle Children’s Hospital Mental Health Referral Service – A free service that helps connect families with mental health providers that have openings for children & teens under 18.

Please call 911 if you are concerned for someone’s immediate safety

Basic Needs

ISD Community Resources – Food & Clothing, Health Care Services etc.

Pandemic EBT issuance from OSPI/DSHS – For families that receive free or reduced school lunches, or may now qualify

School Supplies for 2020-2021

Please email your counselor if you need any school supplies this year; we can set you up!

School Counselors (Student Last Names):

Kristen Brittain (A-Ho)

Kirsi Varsa (Hp-Pa)

Meagan Elliot (Pb-Z)

Swedish Mental Health Counselor: Rosie Bancroft


Lakshmi Palaniappan

(425) 837-5710

PLMS Counseling on Canvas

Pine Lake Students and Observers can access our MS Student Support site where you can find tons of helpful information and access resources. You can also learn more about us and find out how to connect with your counselor!

Tech Tip: Go to Dashboard and select Card view, and MS Student Support course should appear on your screen. Or scroll all the way down on the Courses list.

Counselor Newsletters, 2020-2021

December--Winter Peace

November--Cultivating Gratitude

October--Wellness Wednesdays

September--It's Going to Be a Great Year!

Archived Counselor Newsletters 2019-2020

Issue #1--Self-Care

Issue #2--Be Good to Yourself

Issue #3--You Got This!

Issue #4--Keep On Moving!

Issue #5--Hope is the Thing with Feathers

Issue #6--The Power of a Positive Mindset

Issue #7--'Sisu' Begins Where Perseverance Ends

Issue #8--Finding Joy

Issue # 9--We're All in This Together

Issue # 10--Conversations about Race and Equity

Issue #11--Better Together! Enjoy the Summer!