Welcome to my site!
    Welcome to Mrs. Spark's classes, where both an open mind and hard work are required!  I grade 75% on tests and quizzes, and 25% on daily work in my High School English/Literature and 7th and 8th Grade Literature/English classes, while participation and cooperation are graded in my Journalism class. I'm looking forward to a great year.
    My English/Literature classes will be starting with Grammar Usage, and then using this knowledge we will move on to Literature, as well as writing essays using APA format. Every class will be expected to read and present at least one novel outside the classroom every nine weeks, as well as read the novels we do as a group in class. Much of our reading can be done on-line this year, so that should put a new twist on Reading/Literature. We will have access to many presentations by the authors of the stories we read. The log-in website for our 8th - 12th Grade Literature series is: www.pearsonsuccessnet.com.  The writing coach (Grades 7-12) log-in is: www.pearsonsuccessnetplus.com.