Petros Stergiopoulos
Professor of Flute & Chamber Music / Researcher at Ellinogermaniki Agoge R&D department 


Petros Stergiopoulos (male) is a musician and concert artist focusing on rare 19th c. repertoire with a considerable background in flute pedagogy and instrumental research. His interest in historically informed performance urged him to take lessons on historical flutes under St.Preston (Dartington International School of Arts), Christian Gurtner (Austria Barock Academie) and Stefano Bet (Scuola di Musica Antica Venezia). As a soloist on baroque, classical and late romantic repertoire he appeared with the Hellenic Orchestra of Patras, the Athens Sinfonietta, the Athens Camerata and the Arcadia Mundi Orchestra. Performances outside Greece have included Hanover-Germany (Neues Rathaus), Vienna-Austria (Kunsthistorisches museum, Haus Hofmannsthal, Rothschildschloss Weidhofen), United Kingdom (St. John’s Smith Square, London). He received his Diploma in Flute Performance (classes of D. Fotopoulos and U. Ruettimann) from the Conservatory of Athens with magna cum laude in 2002. Having served as a professor of flute & chamber music in both secondary public and private music schools, he holds a versatile and long experience in teaching music through ICT. In 2008 he contributed on the VEMUS project studying and piloting ICT methods for teaching physical musical-instruments through score-following and audio-recognition modules. Since 2009 he coordinates "Distance learning Music Agoge" (O.P.I.S./ES 6875) project using teleconference and live-streaming practices as tools for teaching music as a live-performance praxis in multiple remote areas within multicast environment. During the period 2010-2015 except from compiling learning scenarios and metadata music vocabularies for Open Discovery Space project, Mr. Stergiopoulos contributed as evaluation and implementation leader in SimAULA and CREAT-IT projects respectively. As a member of the Ellinogermaniki Agogi R&D department his research focuses upon the idea of musical 'sympraxis' through synergies with Science using live interactive environments with low infrastructure.

National & European projects

Distance learning Music Agoge, 2009 to Present
Distance learning Music Agoge (DMA) is a pilot project attempting to set the foundations for the exploitation of teleconference and live streaming capabilities used as tools for music education in Greek remote areas. ES - 6875/ Information Society.

SimAULA, 2010-2012
REF: 511472-LLP-1-2010-1-ES-KA3-KA3MP-simAULA
SimAULA developed a virtual practicum in the form of a three-dimensional, online world adapted in the context of teaching-learning. WP6: Evaluation leader.
Guide of Good practice:

CREAT-IT project, 2013-2015
REF: 539818-LLP-1-2013-1-NO-COMENIUS-CMP
CREAT-IT project aims to develop and support teacher skills in science education by integrating creative, cultural disciplines and social media tools in science courses, engaging students to participate in collaborative, project and case study based activities. WP4 Implementation leader.

CREATIONS project, 2015-2017
REF: H2020-SEAC-2014-2015/H2020-SEAC-2014-1, 665917
CREATIONS aims to introduce support policies in developing demonstrating and effective communities between researchers, artists, teachers and students. WP4 Implementation team member.


Virtual European Music School, 2005 to 2008
FP6-2004-IST-4IST-2004-2.4.13:Strengthening the Integration of the ICT research effort in an Enlarged Europe
Information leaflet:

Prelude, 2006-2009
Guide of Good practice:


CREAT-IT project: "Implementing Creative strategies into Science Teaching"
Anna  Craft,  Oded  Ben  Horin,  Menelaos  Sotiriou,  Petros  Stergiopoulos, Sofoklis Sotiriou, Kerry Chappell, Sarah Hennessy, Dobrivoje Lale Eric, Cinzia Belmonte.
Conference Book URL: , p.37
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ALICE project: "When eshadow met ALICE and the Akritans". Marios Christoulakis, Andreas Pitsiladis, Petros Stergiopoulos, Nektarios Moumoutzis, Argiro Moraiti, Giannis Maragkoudakis, Stavros Christodoulakis. 'Akriton Mousiki' described as a case study of the paper, p. 7-12

ODS project ("Akriton Mousiki" case study): "Δημιουργία και Υποστήριξη Εκπαιδευτικών Κοινοτήτων στις απομακρυσμένες περιοχές της Ελλάδας". Πέτρος Στεργιόπουλος, Σοφοκλής Σωτηρίου, Κατερίνα Ρίβιου, Εμμανουήλ Αποστολάκης.
, Εξ Αποστάσεως Επιμόρφωση των Εκπαιδευτικών με τη Χρήση Προηγμένων Μαθησιακών Τεχνολογιών Διαδικτύου (e-Learning), ISBN: 978-960-01-1803-2

ODS project: "Experiences of technology-rich innovation in European schools within the Open Discovery Space project". Sonia PEINADO, José Miguel MOTA, Anke BERNS, Manuel PALOMO-DUARTE, Juan Manuel DODERO, Stefano MARTELLOS, Rosa DORAN, Aušra LINGYTE, Christine J. ARNOLD, Kerstin BISSINGER, Orlin KOUZOV, Eleni CHELIOTI, Stephanos CHEROUVIS, Petros STERGIOPOULOS
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