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In Progress

  • Keilty, Patrick. "The Imagined Perfect Image: Pornography's Graphical Interface" (in preparation)

  • Keilty, Patrick, ed. Queer Data. Seattle, WA: University of Washington Press (under contract)

  • Alilunas, Peter; Keilty, Patrick; and Mini, Darshana, eds. Handbook of Adult Film and Media. Bristol and Chicago: Intellect Books (under contract)

  • Keilty, Patrick. Database Desires (in preparation)

In Print/ forthcoming

  • Keilty, Patrick. "Pornography." In Uncertain Archives, edited by Nanna Thylstrup, et al. Cambridge, MA: MIT Press, 2021.

  • Keilty, Patrick. "The Sexual Representation Collection at the University of Toronto." Porn Studies. 6.2 (2019): 272-277

  • Keilty, Patrick. "Desire by Design: Pornography as Technology Industry." [Special forum on "Pornography and Surveillance"] Porn Studies 5.3 (2018): 338-342.

  • Keilty, Patrick. "Pornography's White Infrastructure." Catalyst: Feminism, Theory, Technoscience 4.1 (2018): 1-9.

  • Keilty, Patrick. "Duration and Desire." [Special issue on "Information and the Body"] Library Trends 66.4 (2018): 487-510.

  • Keilty, Patrick and Leazer, Gregory. “Feeling Documents: Toward a Phenomenology of Information Seeking.” Journal of Documentation 74.3 (2018): 462-489.

  • Keilty, Patrick. “Tedious: Feminized Labor and Machine-Readable Cataloging.” Feminist Media Studies 18.2 (2018): 191-204.

  • Keilty, Patrick. "Carnal Indexing." Knowledge Organization 44.4 (2017): 265-272.

  • Keilty, Patrick. “A Call for Sexual Autonomy.” Centre for Ethics, University of Toronto, Dec. 1, 2016

  • Keilty, Patrick and Shade, Leslie, eds. Special issue, "Traversing Technologies.” Scholar & Feminist Online 14.3 – 15.1 (Summer/ Fall 2016).

  • Drabinski, Emily and Keilty, Patrick, eds. Special issue, “Reconfiguring Race, Gender, and Sexuality.” Library Trends 64.4 (Spring 2016).

  • Keilty, Patrick. “Embodied Engagements with Online Pornography.” The Information Society 32.1 (2016): 64-73.

  • Keilty, Patrick. “Fuck Technology: Printing for Pleasure.” Semaphore, March 20, 2014

  • Keilty, Patrick and Leazer, Gregory. “What Porn Says to Information Studies: The Affective Value of Documents and the Body in Information Retrieval.” Proceedings of the American Society for Information Science and Technology 51 (2014).

  • Keilty, Patrick and Dean, Rebecca, eds. Feminist and Queer Information Studies Reader. Sacramento, CA: Litwin Books, 2013.

  • Keilty, Patrick. “Sexual Boundaries and Subcultural Discipline.” Knowledge Organization 39.6 (2012): 417-431.

  • Keilty, Patrick. “Tagging and Sexual Boundaries.” Proceedings of the 2nd Milwaukee Conference on Ethics of Information Organization. Spec. issue of Knowledge Organization 39.5 (2012): 320-324.

  • Keilty, Patrick. “Embodiment and Desire in Browsing Online Pornography.” Proceedings of the iConference 2012, Toronto, ON: 41-47.

  • Keilty, Patrick. “Tabulating Queer: Space, Perversion, and Belonging.” Knowledge Organization 36.4 (2009): 240-248.

Traversing Technologies

Feminist and Queer Information Studies Reader

Reconfiguring Race, Gender, and Sexuality