Patrick van Meurs

PostDoc in mathematics at 
Kanazawa University in Japan 
Under guidance of: Masato Kimura 
Former PhD supervisors: Adrian Muntean and Mark Peletier   

Dr. P. (Patrick) van Meurs
Office: 209B  
Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, 
Institute of Science and Engineering,
Kanazawa University 
Kakuma, Kanazawa, 920-1192, 

pjpvmeurs (at)
(My previous email address [] is expired)

Research interests
  • Interacting particle systems (modelling, analysis, numerics)
  • Plasticity and dislocations
  • Discrete-to-continuum limits
  • Calculus of variations, i.p. Γ-convergence  
  • Gradient flows, i.p. evolutionary convergence
Presentations available online

26 June 2017. Courtesy of BIRS. Presentation available here

4 February 2015. Courtesy of  the Hausdorff research Institute for Mathematics in Bonn