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Dropbox is a cloud storage utility. It is useful for working on projects in more than one place, since you won't have to worry about emailing files to yourself, losing your usb drive, or just having to wait until you are at the appropriate computer. Even if you don't have lots of work that you might need to carry around, you could also use this for storing your music to stream wherever you are. I'm sure you can think of other uses, also.

You can access your dropbox folder just like you would any other folder on your own computers, (almost) no matter what operating system you use, and on other computers where you can't install the client, you can use your internet browser to access your files (you could do this on your own computer, too, but it would be more tedious than just using the folder).

Here are the steps to sign up and get some free storage space (you start with 2GB, but you should have over 6GB almost immediately IF you follow these instructions).
  • Follow THIS link to sign up:

    It is important that you use the above link, because doing so will grant BOTH of us an extra 500mb of storage.

    Note: you need to install the Dropbox desktop app on a computer and sign in to the app in order for you to get the extra space. Installing only the Dropbox mobile app on a phone or tablet will not qualify.

  • Download the zipped file found below (click on the down arrow symbol) with some uninteresting .jpg files in it.

    You will use these files to get an additional 3GB of space on dropbox by using the "Camera Uploads" feature. Now, either put these pictures in the same places where your phone stores photographs (usually in the "dcim" folder on your phone's internal storage/sd card) and let the dropbox app on your phone do the rest (you will have to enable camera uploads, which you will be prompted to do upon installation of the app), or use the following steps in Windows:
    • Copy the extracted “photos” to your removable media (usb drive, sd card, etc.)
    • Unplug removable media device.
    • Search AutoPlay in Start Menu and open it. Ensure that “Import pictures and videos using Dropbox” is selected for “Pictures”, and that “Use AutoPlay for all media and devices” is checked.
    • Plug your removable media device back in.
    • Dropbox should pop up asking if you want to use “Camera Upload” to put the photos in your Dropbox – Allow it to do so, and wait for the process to finish (i.e. when each of the images in your Dropbox “Camera Upload” folder have all been synced).
    • Your available Dropbox storage will now have increased by 3GB!
    • Feel free to delete the six 500MB “photos” we just uploaded; you will keep the space. That's it for this should have ~5.5GB at this point.
  • Earn more free space.

    Dropbox makes it pretty easy to earn free space in other ways, too. You can probably earn at least another 500MB within an hour of creating your account, just by doing a few simple things from the dropbox website (like taking a tour or liking them on facebook).
Apr 19, 2013, 6:22 PM