Piernicola Cocchiaro was born in Italy in 1949.

    In 1970, immediately following completion of his Art studies, he began teaching in Art Schools and started his pictorial activity.

    Since earning a degree in Architecture in 1976, he has been self-employed as an Architect, working for public and private clients and participating in design competitions.

    In 1980 he was founder of a planning and design firm and, in 1995, also of a cultural and artistic non-profit association which he currently still presides.

   Having retired from his profession, he moved with his family in 2008 to Orange County, California, where he continues to maintain professional relationships with Italy and to dedicate himself to his passion for painting.

     He also was the creator and is the Art Director of an important Art Symposium of his italian town, which takes place every year in June from 1996. The Symposium, called “Scultura Viva”, has two section devoted to the sculpture and to the wall painting.  All 156 artworks created during its past 22 editions by artists from around the world, now are part of the MAM, Museo d'Arte sul Mare of San Benedetto del Tronto. www.mamsbt.it

       Here in California he teaches Italian and hold classes for beginner and those who have an intermediate or advanced level of lnguage knowledge, to individual students and group.