The Moon Represents My Heart

The Moon Represents My Heart (Chinese: 月亮代表我的心; pinyin: Yuèliàng Dàibiǎo Wǒ de Xīn) is a famous Chinese pop-song. Its lyrics were written by Sun Yi (孫儀) and the music was composed by Weng Ching-hsi (翁清溪). First sung by Chen Fen-lan (陳芬蘭) around 1972 or 1973, it was later made famous by singer Teresa Teng.

The Moon Represents My Heart became one of the first popular western-style songs in mainland China, as western-style music had not been allowed in the country for several decades. The song is performed frequently in Asian countries, including Malaysia, Singapore, and Taiwan. It has been covered by famous singers such as Shila Amzah, Faye Wong, David Tao, Andy Lau, Leslie Cheung, Jon Bon Jovi, and the Hong Kong a cappella group Metro Vocal Group.

According to movie director Jia Zhangke (賈樟柯 ), "The Moon Represents My Heart [was] something completely new. So people of my generation were suddenly infected with this very personal, individual world. Before that, everything was collective ... ."

Teresa Teng (鄧麗君) (1953 - 1995) was a Taiwanese pop singer, known for her folk songs and romantic ballads. She recorded songs not only in her native Mandarin but also in Taiwanese, Hokkien, Cantonese, Japanese, Indonesian, and English. Teng's songs revolutionized music in China. Before Teng's music, romantic songs had been nonexistent in China for many years, as they were considered bourgeois and decadent.


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