Jane started this volunteer project in April 2009. For the first two years, her website was on MS Office Live and named "Monkey See Monkey Do: Free Piano Lessons". The site was intended for teenagers who already played some piano but wanted help on their favorite songs. Requests kept coming, from all over the world, from young and old. As a result the site became suitable for all age groups. Jane took lessons from age 12 to 17, hardly practiced, and does not consider herself a pianist. Strange how her project grew.

Jane's tutorials are intended for those who play by ear or follow the sheet music, with emphasis on the latter. We recommend that all of you learn to read music and simply use these tutorials as reference, e.g., to correct notes, to check counting, or to compare fingering. There is a lot more to playing than just hitting the right notes. So for classical pieces, if you do not have a teacher, learn by observing concert pianists.

However, countless viewers who do not read music have successfully used Jane's tutorials together with a learning method, which Jane named IMR (Imitation, Memorization, and Reinforcement learning). They play astonishingly well. A few examples are mentioned on Jane's Scholarship webpage.

Jane and her husband Michael Grossman both retired from teaching mathematics at the University of Massachusetts Lowell. Jane spends most of her spare time making piano tutorials because she knows that many love to play piano but have no opportunity for private lessons. Michael, a co-creator of Non-Newtonian calculus, pens the abstracts for most webpages. Alarmed by the plethora of error-ridden, and yet widely popular, YouTube math lessons, Jane began to add mathematics tutorials in August 2011.

All the tutorials are free, and they link to YouTube or Vimeo. Jane began uploading to Vimeo in September 2018 because her YouTube tutorials were bombarded with copyright citations, despite the law that states "Teaching is Fair Use." For years, YouTube support boiled down to "Hire your own lawyer."

Jane's trifle Google Adsense earnings, are added towards her piano scholarships. Click here to go to Jane's YouTube Channel. Click here to go to Jane's Vimeo Channel.

Practice hard but have fun!

The joy of music is a spark of life.


2019 Jane cannot add new webpages as new tutorials are uploaded, and adding links to existing pages often fails. Reason:

"Your site has exceeded the maximum recommended number of pages."

= the warning each time Jane opens a webpage