Each year at Teacher Camp we suggest articles that participants may read that will offer insight into the invited speaker's talk, and engender conversation at lunch and throughout the day of camp.  Below are this year's recommendations and suggestions.  Participants are invited to read the articles below that most pertain to their particular teaching situation. 

Suggested Readings from Brian Frank:

Heckler, A. F. (2010). Some consequences of prompting novice physics students to construct force diagrams. International Journal of Science Education32(14), 1829-1851.


Frank, B., Goertzen, R. M., & Hutchison, P. (2013). The Pedagogical Value of “Obvious” Questions in Introductory Physics. The Physics Teacher51(8), 487-490.


Four blogposts giving some background to the development of my own thinking on this topic over time:


·       “Many Roles of Content Knowledge for Teaching”:


·       “When Formal Approaches Disenfranchise Students Natural Problem-Solving Skills”:


·       “Alternatives to the standard algebra Algorithm for forces”:


·       “More Rambling on Forces Problem Solving”: