Welcome! This website encompasses Jovy Eramela's project for UBC's PHYS 420 (Physics Demonstrations) course.

This presentation is a series of short demonstrations and activities meant to reinforce students' skills in identifying and representing the different parts of an electrical circuit, while also introducing the concept of conductors and insulators as students create wacky keyboard keys using household objects and the MaKey MaKey.

How MaKey MaKey works:

  • Electrons flow from the MaKey MaKey input to the attached key (in the figure below, the key is an apple)
  • The MaKey MaKey grounding wire is attached to the person
  • When the person touches the key, an electrical circuit is completed and the electrons are able to flow from the input to the ground
  • This triggers a key event, and the information is relayed to the computer via a USB connection
  • The computer registers the key event, and does what would normally be done if the corresponding key on the keyboard is pressed