Pomona Arts & Humanities

PAH is an award-winning, arts-integrated program for students passionate about art & learning in Jefferson County Public Schools.



Participate in our annual PAH Intensives where you can explore other arts areas and gain appreciation and new perspectives into creativity.

Artist In Residence

Each year we bring in professional artists to work with you! Participate in their masterclasses and build your network.


Share your art and experience others creativity unfold each month at our PAH shares.

The Young Masters Art Exhibit is just around the corner!

Entry forms can be found on your Class Year google classrooms. Entries are digitally due Nov 20, 2020Please attach clear photographs and digital files. If you have questions about photographing your work, see the entry form or email Ms. Champion or Mrs. Anderson.
You can enter up to 3 pieces- Visual arts students, you are required to submit at least one piece of any media, and all other arts areas are encouraged to share your visual art!
Submissions will be judged the first week of December and the accepted pieces along with awards will be posted sometime that week! We will be having a Visual Award ceremony In January: date TBA!
We are excited to see all of your work!!

"Finally, the arts are about joy. They are about the experience of being moved, of having one's life enriched, of discovering our capacity to feel. If that was all they did, they would warrant a generous place at our table."

-Elliot W. Eisner, Stanford University, Essay from The Los Angeles Times.