Phoenix Hedge is a medieval hedge 800 years old!

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PHOENIX HEDGE UPDATE - Message from Tim Clarke:

The meeting is normally scheduled for the first Friday of each month.

As we’re now back into GMT please note the earlier start time of 3.00pm, and we’ll finish approx. 4.30pm.

We will be doing some pruning of the hedgerow trees to prepare them for hedge-laying next Winter – a task which we will continue in January’s session.

The working party will be followed by the AGM at 4.30 pm at Nigel’s house as agreed at the last AGM

The hedge lies between Henleaze Park and Phoenix Grove.

If you would like to help or know more please email Tim


Tim Clarke took this photo on Friday 1 November of a Collared Earthstar.

"This partly opened Collared Earthstar, Geastrum triplex, was spotted at Phoenix Hedge during the recent hedgerow work party on 4th October 2019. The fungi is normally found in leaf litter in deciduous woods.

"The photo was taken when Pete was there, and shortly after he’d asked whether we found any unusual fungi there!"

Pete Dommett, a freelance nature writer with a monthly column in The Bristol Magazine about wildlife in and around the city, came along to join us at the October meeting having seen the mention of the hedge in BBC Wildlife magazine.


'An ancient hedge has been helping the wildlife of Bristol (and beyond) for hundred of years.'

Pete Dommett took a look.'

His full page feature (94) appeared in the November 2019 of The Bristol Magazine edition.

DONT MISS IT! Many thanks to Pete Dommett.

The Bristol Magazine Phoenix Hedge[1076].pdf

We need to heighten awareness of this historic hedge so please help!



Photo was taken by Tom Osborne, based in Bristol, with Heli Kam

Looking across the Golden Hill playing fields to Sates Way. Southmead Hospital can be clearly seen in th distance.