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Who we are

Phoenix ARC was formed in 2013 as an 'alternative' radio club in Nottingham, central England and now has members and keen supporters in other parts of the country and overseas.

We are a very small club, but do a lot more 'real' on-air activities than other UK Ham Radio clubs.

PARC's aim is to do a wide range of innovative activities, and not to be 'stuck in a rut' tea and biscuits operation like some clubs, whose mainstay activities are weekly talks on valve testers, refurbishing AVO meters, classic cars of the 1990s or developments in RTTY using the Dragon 32, OR drinking tea.

The Aries Amateur Radio Club and the Vintage Radio Group are affiliated to PARC, and they each have their own callsigns and usually run their own programmes as well as participating in the main PARC activities.


Phoenix Amateur Radio Club (call sign MX0PHX) based in Nottingham and North Yorkshire, undertakes diverse and innovative Amateur Radio activities including 'Special Event Stations' commemorating significant anniversaries. The Phoenix ARC and Aries ARC ~ APARC ~are regularly on-air on the amateur radio bands, especially the HF bands and VHF bands. Our innovative programme of activities is aimed at bringing a wider range of topics to Radio Amateurs in place of the brief 'rubber stamp' contacts that are commonplace. Our innovative down-loadable EeZee QSL cards are issued to accompany most of our amateur radio activities. The Amateur Radio Service is a world-wide service which permits duly qualified and licensed Radio Amateurs to undertake research and self-training in radio-communications, and as a way for enthusiasts to communicate with each other, as well as providing national agencies with radio communications during emergencies.

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