Here is the list of my published papers, working papers, and ongoing research projects.

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Publications in international peer-reviewed journals


Completed working papers

Work in progress

  • Selection and Sorting of Heterogenous Firms through the Procompetitive Effect (with K. Matsuyama)

  • Non-optimality of Monopolistic Competition with Nested CES (with K. Matsuyama)

  • On Optimality of Monopolistic Competition (with K. Matsuyama)

  • Genuinely representative consumers and self-similar Fisher markets (with F. Sandomirskiy)

  • The Network Origins of Entry Deterrence (with A. Campbell and Y. Zenou)

  • Location, Social Norms, and Recycling
    (with F. Iskhakov, E. Kyriakopoulou, and Y. Zenou)

  • Hipsters (with V. Boucher and Y. Zenou)

  • Optimal Network Design (with Y. Zenou)

  • How social interactions shape market demands (with Jacques Thisse)

  • A Bare-Bones Model of Urban Hierarchy: a Fourier-analysis-based Approach (with A. de Palma, Y. Papageorgiou, and J.-F. Thisse)

Publications in Russian

  • Ushchev, P. (2019). Internal city structure formation, in: Urban studies: economy, development, and management of cities, ed. L. Limonov: 170-250. (in Russian)

  • Ushchev, P., Sloev, I., and J.-F. Thisse (2014). Competition between small shops and a large shopping center. Journal of the New Economic Association 23(3): 12-37 (in Russian)

  • Molchanov, P., and P. Ushchev (2013). The impact of market size on multi-product firms' concentration in a monopolistic competition model. Mathematical Game Theory and Applications 5(3): 27-57. (in Russian)

  • Zhelobodko, E., Kichko, S., and P. Ushchev (2013). Factor endowments and market integration in a two-factor monopolistic competition model. Spatial Economics 3: 10-29. (in Russian)