Started as Ole og de Voksne, late 2015. In 2017 it was decided by the intergalactic leader, that the band should continue the journey through interstellar space under cover as Phantombrains, to boost morale.

Situated at Ulven Oslo / Norway.

The band changed to an English name, to prepare for the big international break. This bald move triggered the entity that channels our lyrics, to also make the switch to English.

An indication of this imminent breakthrough, is the fact that the song "Rævkrok med mej själv" has been commissioned.

The drum & bass section of the band was head-hunted from the excellent Karelian cow punk band Lokomotiv Transsiberia, causing it to derail as the conductor looked around to see what happened behind him.

And the crystal voice was snatched from the singer/songwriter tradition of Svartidaudir. This went ahead mostly unnoticed, due to the fact that the Svartidaudir music tradition had black death infection. The drum section of Svartidaudir had long been swinging sticks in a Scandinavian Rock Group called Scandinavian Rock Group, and later a Karelian cow punk band called Lokomotiv Transsiberia.

Phantombrains recipe

Guitar & Vocals - Good Ol' Ole

Drums & Throat Singing - Mygg Brain

Bass & Asbestos Howls - Howling Asbestos Boy

Electric charge - Those happy little voltage fairys

As for parental guidance, we do our uttermost to keep our lyrics explicit, so the young can thrive, and learn the ways of explicit language and content. Our looks however, is beyond our control.

And as we say in Norwegian: "ÆØÅ!", and look out for concerts posted here and in our face.

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