The Pet Retreat Boarding Kennel is a family run business established by the Gilliam family in the spring of 2000. Due to our success and an increase in demand, a new and improved facility was constructed in November of 2010.

The kennel is situated on a scenic 40+ acre property with views of trees, a pond, pasture and surrounding wildlife. In June 2012, a large grass play area was completed for the dogs to run, play and enjoy the fresh air and scenery.

So big dogs don’t feel confined and small dogs don’t feel overwhelmed, inside the kennel we have a variety of run sizes. The runs are equipped with built in water bowls so the dogs always have fresh water. The “kitchen”, which is located in the kennel with the dogs, consists of two islands with sinks. This is where the food is prepared and dishes are washed to provide a more at home and relaxed setting for the dogs.

There is also an indoor play area in which the dogs can play on days the weather does not permit outside play. The room has an abundance of toys for the dogs to play with. Furniture and a TV will be added in the near future. Skylights have been installed to allow a constant flow of natural light in to the building as well. Music is played 24 hours a day to help the dogs feel relaxed and a night light is turned on at night so the dogs are never in complete darkness. The facility is heated and air conditioned so it is always a comfortable temperature for your beloved pet.

The dogs are let outside to a play area a minimum of 4 times a day. When the weather is nice they will have all day access to their outside run as well to enjoy the sun and fresh air. The runs are Sani Kennels from The Mason Co. and the outside runs are covered for extra security and protection.