POV-Ray Gallery

In 1990 I got interested in computer graphics. I had a brand new 80386 computer with a math coprocessor in it, and the DKBTrace ray tracer by David K. Buck. Over the years, other developers began to contribute to David Buck's ray tracer and POV-Ray was born. The POV in POV-Ray stands of "Persistence of Vision."

It seems that the POV-Ray development team is still somewhat active, and this open-source application has received some very advanced features in recent years. In the hands of artists like Gilles Tran and Jaime Vives Piqueres, this little ray tracer can produce some astonishing images.

My interest in ray-tracing waned shortly after my 3rd-place entry was produced for the Internet Raytracing Competition (IRTC) in 2003. I had to pick and choose between numerous interests, with model ships, violins, and philosophy winning out in the end. I wouldn't be surprised if, at some time in the future, I dusted off my POV-Ray skills and produced some more fine scenes.

Until then, enjoy my gallery of past creations.

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