Welcome to my research website

I am an economist interested in empirical analysis and research. I have more than ten years of experience with large scale longitudinal company-level databases, with the aim to explore the business sector, to provide a more granular picture for macroeconomic analysis and to contribute to public policy.

I have been working at the OECD, in Paris, since 2011. I'm currently Senior Economist and Project Manager for its Global Forum on Productivity. My previous work experience includes the Research Department of the International Monetary Fund and the Central Bank of Hungary.

I completed my PhD and MPhil degrees in Economics at the Tinbergen Institute (Amsterdam, the Netherlands) and an MSc in Economics from Corvinus University (Budapest, Hungary).

For details, please see my CV, LinkedIn or Google Scholar page.


Productivity, labor- and capital market frictions at the micro and macro level; structural policies


Productivity, innovation, trade

Revise and Resubmit to the Journal of Political Economy. Latest version as LSE CEP Discussion Paper No. 1645Previous versions: OECD Productivity Working Papers No. 5, November 2016Brookings Institution Hutchins Center Working Papers No. 24, September 2016 VoxEU and OECD ECOSOPE Blog: The Best vs. the Rest: The Global Productivity Slowdown Hides an Increasing Performance Gap across FirmsCited and discussed in The Economist's Schumpeter column ("The Great Divergence") and in the Free Exchange colum ("Superstar cities have a big advantage in attracting high-paying jobs").and in Les Echos: "A la recherche de la croissance perdue"
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OECD Economics Department Working Papers, No. 1462, 2018.VoxEU column and OECD EcoScope Blog column: A genie in a bottle: Inflation, globalisation, and competition
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Capital, financial constraints

Employment, firm dynamics, entrepreneurship

  • Do Micro Start-Ups Fuel Job Creation? Cross-Country Evidence from the DynEmp Express Database (with Chiara Criscuolo and Carlo Menon)

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Published in Small Business Conditions and Finance, Proceedings of a Conference, Reserve Bank of Australia, Sydney, 19-20 March 2015

Structural reforms and policy reports

  • Productivity gains from teleworking in the post COVID-19 era: How can public policies make it happen? (with Chiara Criscuolo, Timo Leidecker and Giuseppe Nicoletti)
    OECD Policy Responses to Coronavirus (COVID-19), September 2020

  • Digital dividend: Policies to harness the productivity potential of digital technologies (with Stéphane Sorbe, Giuseppe Nicoletti and Chiristina Timiliotis)

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