Piotr (Peter) Boltuc is Professor of Philosophy and Computer Sciences at the University of Illinois, Springfield and Professor of the Warsaw School of Economics

Email: pboltu at sgh.waw.pl
Phone: (217) 206-7422
CV (Updated 1/7/19)

Dr. Boltuc's Faculty Page
University of Illinois-Springfield
UIS Department of Philosophy

Specialization: Machine Consciousness
CompetencePhilosophy of Mind; Moral and Political Philosophy 
Expertise: e-Education

Ph.D. in Moral and Political Philosophy (June 1998) Bowling Green State University
    Dissertation: Morality and Particularity. Advisor: R. G. Frey.
    Available at Bell & Howell Company, UMI Dissertation Services, Ann Arbor, MI 1998.
Doctor of Philosophy and Sociology (January 1991) Warsaw University, Poland
    Dissertation: The Problem of Subject and Object in English and American Philosophy After Peter Strawson. Advisor: Janusz Kuczynski.

Other Graduate Education
Visiting Graduate Student (January 2001-January 2002) Princeton University
    Advisor: Bas van Fraassen.
Member of Senior Common Room (June - July 1988) St. John's College, Oxford
Master of Philosophy (June 1986) Warsaw University, Poland
    Sub-discipline: Ancient Philosophy (Plato).
    Thesis: Paradox of Openness in Plato's Metaphysics.

Dr. Peter Boltuc is the editor of the APA Newsletter on Philosophy and Computers, a freely accessible scholarly newsletter containing papers, book reviews, and discussions focusing on issues related to the interface between philosophy and computers. Read the latest issue (or view past issues) by going to: http://www.apaonline.org/?computers_newsletter.