Pedram Daee,
Doctoral Student,
Helsinki Institute for Information Technology HIIT
         Probabilistic Machine Learning Group       
pedram.daee at hiit dot fi
Last update : June 2017

June 2017 "Knowledge Elicitation via Sequential Probabilistic Inference for High-Dimensional Prediction" is published in Machine Learning Journal. [pdf link] [code]
May 2017 Our new paper "Improving drug sensitivity predictions in precision medicine through active expert knowledge elicitation" is in arXiv now. [link]
April 2017 I was advisor of Yi-Ping Liao in her thesis "Interactive Intent Modeling Based on Probabilistic Sparse Models". [link]
December 2016 Our paper "Knowledge Elicitation via Sequential Probabilistic Inference for High-Dimensional Prediction" is in arXiv now. [link] [code]
November 2016 Our paper "Probabilistic Expert Knowledge Elicitation of Feature Relevances in Sparse Linear Regression" will be presented in FILM 2016, NIPS Workshop on Future of Interactive Learning Machines. [link]
November 2016 I give two “guest lectures” in the course ELEC-E8122 - Multivariate regression methods L on “Gaussian Mixture Models” and "Gaussian Processes Regression".
August 2016 We published a book "Bit Bang 8: Digitalization" as the outcome of the Bit Bang 8 course in Aalto University.
March 2016  Our paper titled "Interactive Intent Modeling from Multiple Feedback Domains" is published in the 21st ACM International Conference on Intelligent User Interfaces (IUI 2016) [link] [poster] [slides] [reviews] [pre-print].
September 2015  I am the co-coordinator of the MindSee project for the partner Aalto University (PI Samuel Kaski).
September 2014  I joined HIIT under the supervision of Prof. Samuel Kaski and Prof. Teemu Roos.
July 2014  Reward Maximization Justifies the Transition from Sensory Selection at Childhood to Sensory Integration at Adulthood is published in PLoS One journal (2014).
July 2014 I defended my M.Sc. thesis titled "A Developmental Method for Multimodal Sensory Integration" at University of Tehran (grade: 20/20).
May 2014  Our paper titled A Sampling Algorithm for Reducing the Number of Collision Checking in Probabilistic Roadmaps received the best paper award in the Control field of ICEE 2014.
May 2012 I joined the Cognitive Robotics Laboratory at University of Tehran under the supervision of Prof. Majid Nili Ahmadabadi.

Research interests:
    • Artificial Intelligence, statistical machine learning, and reinforcement learning
    • Sequential decision making, experimental design, and multi-armed bandit
    • Cognitive science, sensory integration, and decision making under uncertainty