Pedone is an UCI chess engine written in C. It has developed with particular care in code and data structure optimizations.

In this site you can find different releases of my engine, and a didactic engine.

The package includes Pedone executables for Windows and Linux 32/64bit

Latest release

23/10/2016 Pedone_1.5.zip
10/05/2015 pedonebook.zip

Technical details
- Board rappresentation QuadBitBoard
- Magic BitBoard
- Multithreaded search
- PV search
- Quiescence search with captures, promotions and checks
- Transposition Table
- Iterative deepening
- Internal iterative deepening
- Aspiration window
- Search extensions and reductions
- Late move pruning
- Futility and Null Move pruning
- Delta pruning
- History
- Killer moves
- Razoring
- Tapered eval
- Limit strength
- MultiPV
- Syzygy egtb support
- Polyglot book support

Old releases