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August 20, 2019
Monterey County

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Quote of the Week
The world we see that seems so insane is the result of a belief system that is not working. To perceive the world differently, we must be willing to change our belief system, let the past slip away, expand our sense of now, and dissolve the fear in our minds.
                                    ...William James   1842-1910



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Our doors are open at the MONTEREY PEACE AND JUSTICE CENTER’S SOCIAL JUSTICE LIBRARY.  Please stop by any Wednesday or Saturday (1:00-5:30pm) to set up a free library account and check out our books! 
After signing up you can see our Library online.
Nearly 900 books available.
Our Library includes works on: Foreign Policy, Civil Rights, Labor, Immigration, Economics, Environment, Education, Women's Studies, and more.
, kiafollette@csumb.edu

Thursdays, 6:00 – 8:00 pm.  English classes continue during the summer.  No advance registration is required.  Walk-ins are welcome.  Some English is needed to participate.  Free. For more information:  899-7322.  Todas las clases Inglés son gratuitas y para estudiantes de todos niveles.  Se necesita algo de inglés para participar.  No necesitan registrarse. ¡Todos son bienvenidos!  Para más información, llame al 831-915-7257.  Por favor comparte esta información con amigos y vecinos.   Monterey Peace and Justice Center, 1364 Fremont Blvd., Seaside. 

There will be no Dances of Universal Peace in August because of the annual Dance Camp that will take place in Santa Cruz the weekend of August 17-18.  The Dances will resume on September 15 from 5-7pm at the Unitarian Universalist Church of the Monterey Peninsula at 490 Aguajito Road, Carmel, and they will continue to be held on the third Sundays in October, November, and December.

Tuesday, August 27, 6:00 – 8:00 pm, Planning for 
Centennial of the 19th Amendment.  August, 26, 2020 will mark the centennial of the 19th Amendment giving women the right to vote nationwide. The date is now known as Women’s Equality Day.  Events will be held across the country throughout 2020, many of them promoted by the National Women’s History Alliance (NWHA).
     If you would like to brainstorm about programs and activities that could be held in Monterey County, please meet with us at the Monterey Peace and Justice Center, 1364 Fremont Blvd., Seaside. 
    If you would like to participate but cannot attend this meeting, please contact me, 
Whitney Stewart Gravel, 
NWHA Volunteer for Monterey County, 
Cell 703-516-4056
     For further information about Women’s Equality Day and Centennial 2020, go to 
nationalwomenshistoryalliance.org, or to nwhanews.org.  You may also wish to click on ”Women Win the Vote” to access the 20-page 2019 ”Women Win the Vote Gazette.”  It provides information about programs planned across the country, resources, brief bios of 100 suffragists, and includes articles about the influence of Native American Women, and African American Women’s Fight for Suffrage.  Please share this information with others who might be interested in the Centennial.

Thursday, August 29, 7:00 – 9:00 pm,Timor-Leste (East Timor) From Genocide to Democracy: Lessons on U.S. foreign policy, international solidarity and impunity, presented by Pamela Sexton and Janicia Maria de Jesus. The U.S. has much to account for and much to learn after its complicity in the genocidal occupation of Timor-Leste by the Indonesia military.  On this 20th anniversary of the historic August 30, 1999 United Nations-sponsored Referendum on Independence, come to learn more about what Noam Chomsky has called “the miracle of the 20th century.”
      The Democratic Republic of Timor-Leste gained independence in May 2002, following centuries of Portuguese colonialism and a 25-year illegal Indonesian military occupation. While the U.S. government gave the green light and key military and diplomatic support to Indonesia’s invasion and genocidal occupation, a small group of U.S. activists challenged these policies.  Led by the incredible courage, determination and actions of the Timorese people, international solidarity for Timor-Leste grew and honed its strategies.

  20 years ago, on August 30, 1999, despite widespread Indonesian military intimidation and violence, the East Timorese people declared their sovereignty to the world in a United Nations-sponsored independence referendum. The Indonesian military responded by unleashing a scorched earth campaign which left thousands dead and hundreds of thousands displaced. Much has happened during the past 20 years, including a calling for justice for crimes against humanity committed from 1975 to 1999.
While efforts to end impunity for past crimes have been unsuccessful thus far, there is still much to celebrate today. Timor-Leste stands as an example of democracy and tolerance to many of its neighboring nations. Timor-Leste is one of the most oil-dependent nations in the world, but local organizations are demanding a sustainable, diversified economic future.  Timorese feminist and LGBTQ movements continue to grow, with support from national leaders, and Timor-Leste leads the world in its inclusion of permaculture school gardens in the national school curriculum.
Pamela Sexton is a local educator who has worked for 25 years with East Timor and Indonesia Action Network (ETAN), and lived for 10 years with her family in Timor-Leste. In 1999, Pam was an election observer in Timor-Leste and U.S. Coordinator for an international solidarity observer project.
Janicia Maria de Jesus was born in Maliana, Timor-Leste and has studied in the U.S. for the past four years. She studied architecture at the California College of the Arts, and is currently studying electronic music production in Pyramind, San Francisco.  She will return to Timor-Leste to help preserve and develop Timorese culture through art, design, and music, to gain recognition of the Timorese identity around the globe.
 Monterey Peace and Justice Center, 1364 Fremont Blvd., Seaside.

Thursday, August 29, 6:00 - 8:00 pm, Public Workshop:  
Central Coast Highway 1 Climate Resiliency Study--The Association of Monterey Bay Area Governments (AMBAG) invites you to come learn about the Central Coast Highway 1 Climate Resiliency Study. The Highway 1 corridor near Elkhorn Slough presents significant challenges to the future of transportation in the Monterey Bay region under conditions of climate change and sea level rise. Elkhorn Slough is California’s third largest tract of tidal wetlands and hosts extraordinary biological diversity, providing critical habitat for more than 135 aquatic birds, 550 marine invertebrate species, and 102 fish species. Changes to the road and railway infrastructure will likely affect these important ecological resources.  This planning study seeks to identify the needs and opportunities to improve transportation mobility, safety and efficiency, promote healthy coastal habitats, and provide economic security and benefits to the local community. Get involved and help shape the adaptation strategies that are being developed and evaluated.  Location:  Moss Landing Marine Labs,  8272 Moss Landing Road, Moss Landing; Open to the Public.  No registration required.  Website for more info:  https://ambag.org/programs-services/planning/central-coast-highway-1-climate-resiliency-study.  For Questions, contact Heather Adamson at AMBAG at hadamson@ambag.orgor  883-3750.

Friday, August 30, 6:00 pm, The fil
Little Pink House will be shown at the Monterey Peace and Justice Center--1364 Fremont Blvd., Seaside. Sponsored by Libertarians for Peace. We will provide pizza and popcorn. RSVP.
     This award-winning feature film is about taking from the poor and giving to the rich. Little Pink Housetells the true story of Susette Kelo, who bought and fixed up a rundown cottage in New London, Connecticut.  In 1998, pharmaceutical giant Pfizer wanted to build offices for their nearby plant, and the City decided it would be a better use of the land than as a blue-collar neighborhood. The City handed over its power of eminent domain to the New London Development Corporation (NLDC), a private body, to take the entire neighborhood, justifying it with the nebulous claim of “economic development.”
     Susette Kelo refused to give up her home and sued, all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court. In 2005, the Court, in a 5–4 decision, ruled in favor of the City of New London.
RSVP to Lawrence Samuels at 

Wednesday, September 4, 10:00 – 11:30 am, Friends of Homeless Women:  Learn about building 
LOW INCOME HOUSING.  Betsy Wilson of Mid-Pen Housing and Dana Cleary with CHISPA will talk about building affordable housing and will give updates on their two new housing developments, Junsay Oaks in Marina and Moongate in Salinas, opening in the Fall of 2019!

Saturday, September 7, 10:30 am, 
Occupy Monterey PeninsulaGeneral Assembly.  In front of Monterey’s city hall, Few Memorial Hall, on Pacific Street near Colton Hall.  Occupy meets the first Saturday of the month.  You are welcome to join the group. The General Assembly is a gathering of people from all walks of life who come together to discuss issues important to them and to make decisions that benefit everyone. All decisions on how to coordinate efforts are decided by the group. Group decisions versus individual decisions regarding the movement allow us to keep the movement leaderless and also allow a platform for everyone to speak. 

Tuesday, September 10, 6:00pm - 8:30pm
, Chasing the Thunder:Film Screening and Panel Discussion. Chasing the Thunderis a high-seas documentary about the Sea Shepherd’s epic 110-day, 10,000-mile chase of the “Thunder,” considered the world’s most notorious poaching vessel. Across two seas and three oceans, the marine activists hunted the fugitive fishing ship through massive ice floes, storms-tossed seas, a near collision and violent clashes until the Thunder dramatically sank, burying the evidence of its crimes on the bottom of the South Atlantic.  This 96-minute award-winning documentary is not streaming anywhere and the only way to see it is at a festival or special screening.   A panel discussion with the filmmakers will follow this special screening.   Location:  Irvine Auditorium,Middlebury Inst. Of Intl. Studies, 499 Pierce Street, Monterey. Free, open to the Public.  Registration requested via EventBrite.  Website: https://www.middlebury.edu/institute/chasing-thunder-film-screening-and-panel-discussion  For Questions, contact Rachel C. at the Center for the Blue Economy, 831-647-4183 or cbe@miis.edu.
Tuesday, September 10 & September 17, 6:00 – 8:00 pm, Meeting of Extinction Rebellion Monterey County in the basement of Unity Church, 601 Madison Street, Monterey.  The entrance door to the basement meeting hall will be open.  Enter on Hermann Drive (to the left on the lower side of the building.)  You may park on the street or in the parking lots of Monterey High School, accessible from the end of Larkin Street.  Ongoing meetings will be on the 2ndand 4thTuesday of each month at the same location.  New Members:  please review the XR Principles & Values before you come.  Anyone who agrees to these may take action in the name of XR.
Vanessa Eve Mekarski, Local Coordinator, Extinction Rebellion Monterey County  SRmontereyCA@protonmail.com

Friday, September 13, 3:30 - 5:00pm, Veterans for Peace Chapter 46 Monterey (VFP) meets the second Friday of the month at the Monterey Peace & Justice Center, 1364 Fremont Blvd., Seaside.  Refreshments will be provided  .  Contact Justin Loza Justin.loza@vfp46.com for more information or visit www.vfp46.com


Sunday, September 15, 2:00 – 4:00, Peace Coalition of Monterey County(PCMC) Steering Committee meets at the Monterey Peace and Justice Center, 1364 Fremont Blvd., Seaside.  We will be making final arrangements for the coming International Peace Day festivities!  Members of the public who have ideas or suggestions for the Peace Coalition are welcome to come to the first part of the meeting to make their presentations.  Proposals for the Peace Coalition may also be made through the representative of any of the member organizations.  Groups who want to join the Coalitionshould contact one of the co-chairs and fill out an application before the meeting:  
Sidney Ramsden Scott 
sramsdenscott@hotmail.com373-6972 or Tom Lee tlee7621gptc@gmail.com
(PCMC meets the third Sunday Jan/Mar/May/July/Sept/Nov.)

Tuesday, September 17, 6:30 - 8:00 pm
, ACLU of Monterey County presents: 
What’s the fuss?  Are you having trouble understanding individuals who identify as ‘they’ or other non-binary gender identity? A panel explores this issue and answers your questions.  Monterey College of Law, 100 Colonel Durham St, Seaside, 
Info: V. Michelle Biddle, 818-5092

Major Event!
Saturday, September 21, 11:00 am – 8:00 pmPeace Day Gathering, Laguna Grande Park, Eucalyptus Area, Seaside.

A Celebration of Peace on the U.N. declared International Peace Day with music, art, dance, POTLUCK:  Bring a picnic and food to share.  Bring tapestries, flowers, love, flutes, drums, chimes, beads, flags, symbols costumes, JOY.  Live acts include The Charities, Caravan 222, Sensory Tribe, Morticai, Padorr, Kinder Creatures, Jessica JeJeaune, Alex Carillo, Calpulli Yaocuauhtli Dance Group. We are arranging a glorious day for you!
All presented by Children of the Sunand Peace Coalition of Monterey County (10 organizations working for peace).
This is a major community event to which everyone is invited.
Info: Deborah Warcken, PCMC,  dwarcken@comcast.net   
or Jake Padorr, Children of the Sun,  padorrmusic@gmail.com
This is the Peace Coalition’s second annual International Peace Day Picnic. Last year’s celebration was held in Washington Park, Pacific Grove.  We hope to make it an annual fun event that all you peace people will want to attend, a time to socialize with like-minded folks.  jv

October 24, 25, and 26: Save the Date! Join us on for three evenings of timely, diverse and thought-provoking films at our 20th annual International Documentary Film Festival presented by the UN Association, Monterey Bay Chapter.
Special opening night onThursday, October 24 (UN Day) will be at the MIIS Irvine Auditorium at 7 pm. with FREE admission for all!  October 25 & 26 will be at the OSIO Theater in Monterey, beginning at 6:30. General admission for Osio Theater screenings: $10 per evening. Full time students with ID are admitted free. For more info see www.unausamonterey.wordpress.comor email unamontereybay@gmail.com.


Peace Science in the News
New transitional government deal was signed in Sudan, striking a compromise between the ruling military junta and civilian protesters. The deal creates a joint military-civilian council to govern until elections are held in three years. Some civilian protesters are concerned about the lack of women's participation. 

Research shows that women's participation in peace deals is critical to its success. In the Peace Science Digest, we have included research that shows 
peace negotiations that exclude women are more likely to fall apart. Other evidence shows that women's increased participation in government leads toless corrupt and more peaceful societies

This does not mean that the Sudan agreement is doomed to fail. Rather, it's evidence to continue advocating for women's inclusion.


On September 20, one month from today, people from around the country and worldwide will strike to demand bold action to tackle the climate crisis. Young people, activists, and people-powered grassroots organizations focused on climate, as well as allies focused on the broader social justice movement will come together in a show of force in one of the largest climate mobilizations in history. 
Will you join us?   The significance of the timing is key. The global Climate Strike falls just three days before the United Nations Climate Summit in New York, convened by UN Secretary-General António Guterres to raise ambition and climate action worldwide. He understands that we must do much more to meet the urgent need to address climate change and achieve the goals of the Paris Agreement.   This will be an opportunity to present a powerful, unified front focused on immediate and decisive action on the existential threat of our time. Together, we can lift up the voices and stories of young people on the frontlines of this crisis and ensure we are creating an intergenerational and intersectional climate justice movement. Together, we can make history.
Don’t see your town?
To host a strike in your area, sign up here.
Your fellow climate hawk,
RL Miller



Tell your members of Congress that you expect them to Defund Hate by cutting funding to ICE and CBP, open an impeachment inquiry, and pass legislation to reduce gun violence. Here are resources to help you with each of those priorities:
*Tips and tactics for planning a Defund Hate action
*A really useful one-stop-shop for 
Impeachment August 
*A call script to demand that Mitch McConnell and the Senate 
vote on legislationto make it harder for people to exploit loopholes that make it too easy to get a hold of deadly guns
When Congress gets back to DC (on September 9!), they’re sure to have a packed agenda. That means that right now is your best chance to make it clear what you expect of them this fall. Call your member of Congress right now at 
Use this script to call your senators now to say their thoughts and prayers are not enough.In the weeks since the mass shootings in El Paso and Dayton,three more plots to commit acts of mass murder have been foiled.This is a crisis: every senator should publicly demand Mitch McConnell call an emergency session to debate and vote on gun violence prevention legislation AND cosponsor S. 42, which would close loopholes and implement universal background checks for gun purchases. Read more in our updated resource here.


The Peace Coalition of Monterey Countyis a coalition of 10 Monterey County organizations working for nonviolent solutions to world conflicts since 1991. If world peace is one of the concerns of your organization, you may want to join the Coalition.
Contact one of the co-chairs,  
Sidney Ramsden Scott 
Tom Lee, tlee7621gptc@gmail.com
 PCMC’s Peace Calendar evolved in the early 2000’s to facilitate networking among Peace Coalition organizations. This Peace Calendar is designed to be a part of that networking.   
The Peace Calendar may to be viewed at the Monterey Peace and Justice Center website  (peace central) or the Peace Coalition website (peace Monterey).
ABOUT the Monterey Peace & Justice Center (MPJC):
MPJC welcomes its new Volunteer Coordinator:
Lindsay Wendland
Get in touch with her if you are interested in the various opportunities for volunteers at the Center.  Or you can leave a message about volunteering at 

899-7322 ormontereypeaceandjustice@gmail.com

THANKS to the continuing generosity of caring people in Monterey County,MPJC is able to provide a venue for programs put on Peace Coalition member organizations and by other allied community groups.If you wish to support MPJC’s education and advocacy, mail a check to MPJC, PO Box 1823, Seaside, CA 93955.  Or go to our website 
https://peacecentral.wordpress.comand donate through PayPal.  All donations are tax-deductible.  MPJC is a 501(c)3 organization, a public benefit corporation.

 MPJC began 
in 2004 as a venue to support the activities of Peace Coalition organizations and as a networking center and resource center for those groups and others who were working for similar purposes.  
The missionof the Monterey Peace and Justice Center is to inspire and mobilize the people of Monterey County to cultivate peace, social justice, nonviolence, democracy, and environmental sustainability in our community and the world through education and advocacy.  MPJC presents a wide spectrum of ideas so as to stir up conversation and thought about the issues.  The MPJC board does not necessarily endorse the views of every speaker or film.  We expect the programs to stimulate participants to consider the issues and become engaged as citizens in visualizing the world they want and working and advocating for it.
Website is at peace central.   

Come in during MPJC’s open hours (1-5:30 Wed. & Sat.) to scan the bulletin board for the latest events, enjoy the art exhibit, browse the library, have a cup of tea while you read the latest periodicals or view some interesting DVD or just chat with friends. 
You are welcome to check out books and DVDs from the library. 
Leave a message about interest in volunteering at 899-7322 or montereypeaceandjustice@gmail.com

:  What programs would you like?  Please contact Judy Karas  
jkaras@sonic.netor Catherine Crockett cm_crockett@sbcglobal.netor Joyce Vandevere jvandevere@comcast.netor leave your message at 899-7322 or montereypeaceandjustice@gmail.com.   MPJCworks with individuals and groups to produce programs addressing issues of peace, nonviolence, democracy, social justice, or environmental sustainability. Give us your thoughts!  If your organization is planning programs that fit within MPJC’s mission, consider using MPJC as a venue for your event.

MPJC ART GALLERY: The gallery has space for artists and photographers to highlight their work.  The themes which represent the mission of the Center are: Peace, Nonviolence, Social Justice, Democracy, and Environmental Sustainability.  You may leave messages at 
889-7322 or montereypeaceandjustice@gmail.com

Telephone for MPJC is 831-899-PEACE or 831-899-7322.
The Peace Calendar is prepared by Joyce Vandevere for the Peace Coalition of Monterey County. Please send information about peace, nonviolence, social-justice, democracy or sustainability-related events in Monterey County to 
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Questions about the Peace Coalition of Monterey County should go to the co-chair, Sidney Ramsden Scott<sramsdenscott@hotmail or Tom Leetlee7621gptc@gmail.com.
(Sidney is away until mid-August) or to out-going co-chair Deborah Warcken dwarcken@comcast.net.  Questions about Monterey Peace and Justice Center should go to 899-7322 or montereypeaceandjustice@gmail.com.  For more information about events listed, contact the sponsoring organization. 

The events and actions listed here are not necessarily endorsed by the Peace Coalition nor any of the Coalition organizations other than the sponsor of the listed item. The listings are provided as a community service. PCMC cannot guarantee the accuracy of listed items.

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On the average day of 2019, over 100 Americans have died from gun violence. And 100 more will die today.