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January 12, 2021
Monterey County
Democracy Week

Bernie Sanders wrote four days after the Capitol events, “We must also start passing an aggressive agenda that speaks to the needs of the working class in this country: income and wealth inequality, health care, climate change, education, racial justice, immigration and so many other vitally important issues. We must lift people out of poverty, revitalize American democracy, end the collapse of the middle class, and make certain our children and grandchildren are able to enjoy a quality of life that brings them health, prosperity, security and joy.”

Thursday, January 14, 10am PT, Building Strength from Within:  Combating Systems of Oppression, Injustice and Mass-Incarceration.  Sponsored by “Inside Circle” of American Friends of Combatants for Peace.  Eldra Jackson III and Sulaiman Khatib.  
at   https://secure.everyaction.com/Pk72AehTE0-Ab8Ryb1s4Jw2?emci=93aff065-2b55-eb11-a607-00155d43c992&emdi=37412ca8-bc55-eb11-a607-00155d43c992&ceid=6348327
A virtual program.

Democracy Pick for Democracy Week!
Thursday, January 14, 3:30 – 4:30pm PT, UNPACKING THE INSURRECTION: How Extremism Took Root.  Join People For president Ben Jealous and a panel of experts as they examine what led to the January 6 insurrection and the campaign to hold those involved in this act of sedition accountable.
:    https://act.pfaw.org/sign/unpacking-the-insurrection/?utm_source=aa&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=insurrectionbriefing&t=2&akid=19255%2E2175659%2EUT3Y29
People for the American Way (PFAW)
A virtual meeting.

PEACE MESSAGE FRIDAYS:  Soon after the mid-March closure of the Peace Center, MPJC Board members Lynn Hamilton and Sidney Ramsden Scott began a campaign of weekly peace and justice messaging on the lawn at Window-on-the-Bay Park in Monterey.  The messages can be seen by passers-by most Friday afternoons between 2:30 – 4:30 pm.  (Winter hours)  View more message photos HERE

Monday, January 18.  Celebration of Martin Luther King’s birthday.  
1:00 – 3:00 pm,
 The City of Seaside and the National Pan Hellenic Council have hosted an MLK Day March and Program in past years.  For 2021, those events have been cancelled, but honoring Dr. King will continue with an online event through Zoom. If you are not already on Zoom, you can download it to your phone or computer by going to https://zoom.us/download. On the day of the event go to https://csumb.zoom.us/j/82858241910. If you are not able to attend via your computer, the call-in number is 1-669-900-6833. Please join in keeping this tradition alive even in the midst of COVID
 Dr. Ronald H. Walker, a graduate of Morehouse College (Alpha Phi Alpha), is a medical doctor and current Health Commissioner of Gary Indiana. Dr. Walker will speak about his experience on the front lines of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Activist & entrepreneur Simonia Ridley Blassingame, is Executive Vice President of the National Naval Officers Association and the President/CEO of the Forsyth-Monroe County Chamber of Commerce. Mrs. Blassingame will discuss the role of Black women on the front lines. Black women have moved from not being able to vote (remember the 14th amendment only gave Black men the right to vote!) to being the most consistent voters in the country and the backbone of the Democratic party. Think of Black women in elected office today, from Atlanta Mayor Lance Bottoms to Vice-President Elect Kamala Harris and the women like Stacey Abrams that helped get them there.  They request your participation and your assistance in promoting the event by sharing this info with your networks
Remember: Make the Dr. King holiday a day on; not a day off!

3:00 – 5:00 pm, WILPF is putting together a series of MLK’s talks and films about his life and making them available to you on Zoom or YouTube to celebrate his birthday.  We are remembering his important messages about peace and nonviolence.  Details to follow. 

Friday, January 22, The U.N. Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons comes into force.  Honduras was the 50th nation to ratify the treaty, and it becomes international law 90 days later.  None of the nations with nuclear weapons has ratified the treaty.  This is the fourth major nuclear treaty and it needs all of our support if it is to be effective.  The UN Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons (UNTPNW), signed on July 7, 2017 prohibits “nuclear weapons use, threat of use, testing, development, production, possession, transfer, and stationing in a different country.”  The large sign at Window-on-the-Bay on that Friday from 2:30 – 4:30 will be about the treaty.  You may want to go down there with your own sign or just to stand in support (well-spaced and masked).  Look up the treaty on the internet and write a letter to the editor or to our senators about ratifying. 

February 9, 6:30 pm, Disturbing the Peace, a documentary directed by Stephen Apkon and Andrew Young, A film about people born into conflict, sworn to be enemies, Palestinians and Israelis, who challenged their fate and joined together to say "enough."
Zoom film and discussion.  Sponsored by Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom and co-sponsored by The Peace Coalition of Monterey County and the Monterey Peace and Justice Center.  More details to follow.
Join Zoom Meeting Link:
Meeting ID: 828 1224 1436
Passcode: 902575
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Meeting ID: 828 1224 1436
Passcode: 902575

Book Club anyone?
  Board of the Monterey Peace and Justice Center is considering starting a virtual book-reading circle with online Zoom discussions of the books read.  Books on peace and justice topics.  Anyone out there interested??  If there is a critical mass, it will come into being.  Leave a message at montereypeaceandjustice@gmail.com if you might join.
(I apologize for error in email address last week)


Thank Representative Jimmy Panetta
 for serving in the face of danger presented by the violent mob egged on by Trump and his henchmen.  He has voted to impeach Trump .

Here's where to call:  Rep. Panetta - (202) 225-2861


United National Antiwar Coalition (UNAC) Statement on the Right-wing Mob Attack at the Capitol Building
While largely peaceful demonstrations against police killings of African Americans have been
met by violent repression, the attempted takeover of the US Capitol by a white supremacist
mob saw very light security and even collaboration.
     When UNAC organized a peaceful demonstration in Chicago at the NATO summit in 2012, there
were lines of cops all along the march route and, at the end of the event, when they saw there
was no violence, the cops attacked anyway.  There were no lines of cops in DC on January 6. The US has always used right-wing forces and employed the same tactics to discredit elections
that Trump is using now. Both Republicans and Democrats, especially Biden and of course
Trump have used these tactics abroad for years.
     Every Regime Change operation began with repeatedly calling an election fraudulent, refusing to accept the results, and bringing in violently disruptive right-wing forces to try and change the results. These disrupters are always called “democratic forces” in the US media when they are in other countries.
     This was the US tactic of choice in Ukraine, in Venezuela, in Syria, in Libya, in Hong Kong and in Bolivia, just to name a few recent examples. 
     Each of these countries faced an economic crisis imposed by US sanctions and destabilization programs. 
     In the US today we face an economic meltdown and a health crisis. The crisis in the US that led to the kind of right-wing movement we see today was built by decades of bi-partisan policies.  In large part, thanks to the Telecommunications Act that was pushed and passed under Bill Clinton’s administration, the entire media moved to the right.  It became open propaganda and facts had no meaning.  Attacks on “big government” – pushed by corporations that did not want restrictions and regulations – became the norm.  Both parties used this narrative when they pushed their neo-liberal agendas for their corporate masters. As the fake War on Terrorism was declared to bring the US into new profitable wars and to gain more resources and markets, our democratic rights and freedoms were further curtailed.  Also, under Clinton, with support from Biden, the 1994 Crime Bill passed that stirred up the endemic racism in the US and led to mass incarceration.
     Neither of these parties of war and profit will be able to solve the crisis that came to a head on January 6 which will only grow in the period ahead.  We need to build a unified, independent movement to do this.  One that calls for an end to the wars and the bloated military budget; one that demands Medicare for All, jobs with a living wage, protects people from rent defaults and foreclosure, an end to racism, and demands that the US ends interference in the affairs of other countries.  This is something that we will not see from the Biden administration.  We will need to build our own movement to do this.  We urge all organizations to join UNAC and work together to end the wars at home and abroad. 


Instead of propping up a dying empire, it’s time to end U.S. wars.


Reclaim and rebuild our flawed democracy now. Fortunately, energy for the For the People Act (HR1)—a critical step to do just that—is mounting in Congress.
Call today and urge your members of Congress to support the immediate passage of the For the People Act, and thank Representative Jimmy Panetta for supporting this bill in the past.
This bill reduces unnecessary barriers to voting. It would prevent politicians from manipulating the voter rolls or district maps to entrench their own power. It would increase disclosure and transparency to reduce the distorting impact of big money on politics. And it would help states 
expand access to voting so that everyone can participate.


The Monterey Peace and Justice Center reached its goal in the recent Monterey Gives! fundraising drive sponsored by the Monterey Weekly.  We aspired to receive $20,000 and came only a little short of that:  the difference will be made up by the partial matching grant which is awarded to each nonprofit.  THANK YOU to the 130 donors who gave so generously. 

MPJC is offering virtual meetings and webinars to escape the impact of the coronavirus disease.  We list them for you above. The Calendar will also be putting emphasis on actions you can take from home while sheltering in place, e.g. writing to legislators and signing petitions to governing bodies.  Please look in the Action and Information Section.  MPJC’s Seaside venue will remain closed to the public while the state-wide Shelter-In-Place order is in effect. 

Even as we are isolated from each other, we can still seek creative ways to renew our relationships, reconnect and bridge the distances, and find ways to commit ourselves to a world where the Earth’s resources are used to sustain life rather than destroy it. Given the need to avoid public gatherings. we will largely restrict ourselves to Zoom events and sparse outdoor gatherings.


COVID-19 Information and resources
:  It is important to stay informed with current information about the coronavirus pandemic. Updates can be found on the Situation Summary on the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) website and on these trusted sources of information:

·       2019 Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) - Local Data

·       Monterey County Health Department

·       California Department of Public Health

·       Centers for Disease Control

·       World Health Organization

·       Call the 211 information and referral hotline with specific questions.
COVID-ID Resources 
·       2-1-1 for Local Assistance:  2-1-1 is a free, 24-hour telephone number that offers support with health and human services, utility assistance, housing and shelter, child care, legal assistance, mental health and counseling, and other vital resources. 
·       Monterey County has established a new COVID-19 hotline (831-755-4521) and email  (COVID-19@co.monterey.caus)
·       To receive updates regarding COVID-19 in Monterey County, text MCCOVID19 to 888777.
·       To receive updates regarding COVID-19 in general, text Coronavirus to 211211.
or go to one of these:
Monterey County
Monterey County COVID-19 Resources
Community Hospital of the Monterey Peninsula Coronavirus Information Page
If you missed the vitual townhall for Monterey and San Luis Obispo Counties (17th District) arranged by Senator Bill Monning, you can view the recorded video on his website 
here. You can also visit his COVID-19 Resources Page.
or try Consumer Reports:   Go to 
CR’s Guide to the Coronavirus for all the latest articles and information. 



The Peace Coalition of Monterey County is a coalition of 12 Monterey County organizations working for nonviolent solutions to world conflicts since 1991. If world peace is one of the concerns of your organization, you may want to join the Coalition.
Sidney Ramsden Scott 

PCMC’s Peace Calendar evolved in the early 2000’s to facilitate networking among Peace Coalition organizations. 
The Peace Calendar may to be viewed at the Monterey Peace and Justice Center website  (peace central) or the Peace Coalition website {Peace Monterey).

Monterey Peace and Justice Center Information
MPJC will remain closed to the public while the state-wide Stay-At-Home order is in effect.  The coronavirus transcends every real and perceived border, making it clearer than ever that we are all connected.  Even as we are isolated from each other, we can still seek creative ways to renew our relationships, reconnect and bridge the distances, and find ways to commit ourselves to a world where the Earth’s resources are used to sustain life rather than destroy it.
Given the need to avoid public gatherings, Monterey Peace and Justice Center is currently working to provide programming via Zoom and online webinars.  We will offer our free English Second Language study groups through virtual classes. 

Volunteer Opportunities at the Monterey Peace & Justice Center (MPJC): to learn about tasks for the Center you can leave a message about volunteering at 899-7322 or montereypeaceandjustice@gmail.com.

  MPJC began in 2004 as a venue to support the activities of Peace Coalition organizations and as a networking center and resource center for those groups and others who were working for similar purposes.  It moved to its present Seaside location in 2008.  The mission of the Monterey Peace and Justice Center is to inspire and mobilize the people of Monterey County to cultivate peace, social justice, nonviolence, democracy, and environmental sustainability in our community and the world through education and advocacy.  MPJC presents a wide spectrum of ideas so as to stir up conversation and thought about the issues.  The MPJC board does not necessarily endorse the views of every speaker or film.  We expect the programs to stimulate participants to consider the issues and become engaged as citizens in visualizing the world they want and working and advocating for it. Email:  montereypeaceandjustice@gmail.com
Website:  https://peacecentral.wordpress.com/
Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/montereypeaceandjusticecenter/

The Monterey Peace and Justice Center was honored to be included among the non-profits to benefit from the Monterey County Weekly’s MCGives! fund-raising drive.  MPJC received $18,396 in donations to which will be added a partial matching grant bringing the total to around our hoped for $20,000 goal.   Many thanks to all of you who participated by generously contributing to the cause of peace – and to the many other good nonprofits working for our community’s good..  

THANKS to the continuing generosity of caring people in Monterey County, MPJC is able (when gatherings are allowed) to provide a venue for programs put on by Peace Coalition member organizations and by other allied community groups.  We can help with virtual meetings in the interim.  If you wish to support MPJC’s education and advocacy donate by sending a check to MPJC at P.O. Box 1823, Seaside, CA 93955.

Program Planning for the Monterey Peace and Justice Center:  What programs would you like to see?  Please contact Judy Karas jkaras@sonic.net, Catherine Crockett at cm_crockett@sbcglobal.net, or Joyce Vandevere at jvandevere@comcast.net.   Or leave your message at 831-915-7257 or email montereypeaceandjustice@gmail.com.  MPJC works with individuals and groups to produce programs addressing issues of peace, nonviolence, democracy, social justice, and environmental sustainability. Give us your thoughts!  If your organization is planning programs that fit within MPJC’s mission, consider using MPJC as a venue for your event.

The Weekly Peace Calendar is prepared by Joyce Vandevere for the Peace Coalition of Monterey County. Please send information about peace, nonviolence, social-justice, democracy and environmental sustainability-related events in Monterey County to jvandevere@comcast.net  BY 5:00 pm TUESDAY TO BE INCLUDED IN THE WEEK’S EMAIL. Direct your questions about the Peace Coalition of Monterey County to Chair, Sidney Ramsden Scott <sramsdenscott@hotmail.com>. Direct your questions about the Monterey Peace and Justice Center to 899-7322 or montereypeaceandjustice@gmail.com


For more information about events listed, contact the sponsoring organization.  The events and actions listed here are not necessarily endorsed by the Peace Coalition nor any of the Coalition organizations other than the sponsor of the listed item. The listings are provided as a community service. PCMC cannot guarantee the accuracy of listed items. To ensure this Peace Calendar is not bounced, add cm_crockett@sbcglobal.net and jvandevere@comcast.net to your address book or whitelist/
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Unsubscribe with an email to pcmc-unsubscribe@lists.riseup.net.
Or - send a message to jvandevere@comcast.net and cm_crockett@sbcglobal.net.

For everyone: Stay safe, stay healthy, and wear a mask until this pandemic is over. And when it has clearly passed, dance with someone you’ve missed.

Right now there are close to 30 U.S. military bases operating across Africa. One of them: a sprawling $110 million U.S. drone base in Agadez, Niger. The missions? Classified.
Win Without War